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Primarily New England Immigrants
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Aldrich, George and Katherine (Seald) - Early settlers to Dorchester > Braintree > Mendon, Mass. Our Branch follows son Peter, who settled in Southold, Long Island.

Alger, Moses and son Sylvester - [Immigrant not found yet] - From New York. Sylvester Alger, reportedly from Resnalaerville, Albany Co, New York, married Harriet Polly Monroe and moved to the Ashland / Richland Co, Ohio area, where a daughter, Armelia Elizabeth, married Wallace Pollock. Still looking for the line of ancestry to the American immigrant.

Allyn, Robert - Robert Allyn migrated to Salem/Gloucester, Mass approximately 1637, was a member of the Blynman party who moved on to New London, Connecticut in 1651, and was one of the original "proprietors" of Norwich, Conn in 1659.

William Backus - William Backus, English immigrant, was a cutler. He settled in Saybrook, Conn, as a widower, with grown children, by 1656.  He was on the list of the original 35 settlers who paid Uncas, the Mohegan chief, 70 pounds, for the nine square mile parcel of ground to become Norwich, Connecticut.

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Baldwin, Henry - The first documentation of Henry Baldwin in the colonies is with his name appearing on the signers of the original papers forming Woburn, Mass in 1640. He married Phebe Richardson, the oldest daughter of Ezekiel Richardson, and who was among the earliest births in America. She was baptized on June 3, 1632, Charlestown. The home he built 340 years ago is still in existence in Woburn, Mass and houses a restaurant.

Barron, Ellis - Migrated to Watertown by 1639. His wife, Grace, died, and he remarried Ann Hammond. He and Grace had eight children and are ancestors of two presidents: Coolidge and Bush. Our branch is through their daughter Mary, who married Daniel Warren.

Bemis, Mary -  was the sister of immigrant Joseph Bemis and may have accompanied him to New England. She married William Hagar on March 20, 1644/5 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, Mass and they had ten children. See the Hagar section for the rest of her story.

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Betts, Richard and Joanna (Chamberlain) - Richard Betts was early in Ipswich, Mass, but removed to Newtown, Long Island by 1656. He was, in modern terms, a real estate developer. He was involved in early land deals that led to settlements of parts of Long Island. Migrated as a single person and married Joanna Chamberlain. She is part of the "Scudder Network" of immigrants.

Bigelow, John - of Watertown, Mass. Immigrant by 1636.  A relatively young fella (born 1617, would have been 19 in 1636). After his arrival, he met and married Mary Warren, daughter of another immigrant ancestor, John Warren, in 1642.

Boyce, Joseph and Eleanor (Plover), early settlers in Salem, Mass are ancestors of Winston Churchill. Two of their daughters married into the Quaker Southwick family.

Brown, Richard of Southold, Long Island. Richard Brown migrated at a relatively young age, was in Salem, where he likely married Hannah King. Removed to Southold, Long Island in the 1650's. Ancestor of Warren Harding.

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Bruce, Thomas - Thomas was likely one of the few Scottish immigrants during the great migration of the Puritans (See also Forbush). It's possible that he was Scottish prisoner taken by Cromwell at Dunbar and resettled in the colonies. He migrated 1650-1670, settled Sudbury and Marlborough, Mass. His wife, Magdalan, also possibly represents an immigrant family, if he was a prisoner and single when he arrived. Unfortunately, her identity has been lost to the mists of time to date.

Budd, John - Migrated on the Hector in 1637. He was among the founders of New Haven Colony, Southold, Long Island, and Rye, New York.  Many of his progeny later settled in both Southold, Long Island, as well as Rye, Westchester Co, New York.

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Burton, John - (1608-1684) Another of our Quaker ancestors, "home base" of Salem, Mass.

Cady, Robert - of East Hampton, Long Island. We may have three lines of descent from this obscure ancestor.

Carter, Thomas - Immigrant Thomas Carter is first shown in Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts as admitted to the church in 1636, a freeman the next spring. He died in 1652. His wife's name was Mary (___). They had six children: Hannah, Thomas, Samuel, Joseph, John and Mary.

Chamberlain (Stoughton), Elizabeth - Elizabeth (Stoughton) Scudder Chamberlain migrated as a widow in the 1630's, bringing her children, with surnames of both Scudder and Chamberlain, with her. She was probably following her brothers, Thomas and Israel Stoughton, as well as her former in-law kin, the Scudder immigrants. We descendants of the Kansas Pioneers are descended from her daughter, Joanna Chamberlain, who married Richard Betts. See the Betts Page for more on Joanna. See the Scudder Kinship Network page for more on the network of families, many of which are American immigrants, associated with the descendants of Henry Scudder of England.

Child, John - John Child came to be with his uncle, Ephraim Child, possibly returning with Ephraim when Ephraim once visited England. He married Mary Warren. He is included in a network of aunts, uncles and cousins that migrated to America, all descended from English patriarch and matriarch Wolston and Ellen (Empson) Child.

Coates, James - Immigrant ancestor not known, possibly second generation from immigrants Robert  or Thomas Coates of Lynn, Mass.

Coates, Thomas - and his wife, Elizabeth Flood, lived in Lynn, Mass.

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Comstock, William - and his wife, said to be Elizabeth Daniel, was in Connecticut by 1635. Comstocks in America says: "he is recorded as having been one of the twenty-six men from Wethersfield in the expedition commanded by Capt. John Mason, that captured the Pequot Fort at Mystic, Connecticut, May 26, 1637, killing about five hundred Indians." Many of his descendants, for the next few generations, were primarily in Lyme, Connecticut. However, his granddaughter, Hope, daughter of Daniel, married Thomas Hallock and lived and died in Southold, Long Island. William Comstock is an ancestor of President Ford and also an ancestor of the namesake of the Comstock Lode.

Cooper, John -  (Likely, not proven) was one of the original founders of Southampton, Long Island from Lynn, Mass in 1640. He arrived in the colonies aboard the Hopewell in 1635, with his wife and four children, aged 5-13. (Note: Likely, but not proven that he is my immigrant ancestor. Haven't been able to firm up whether the Mary Cooper that married John Penny was the daughter of John Cooper, Jr. at this time. I'm presenting material here as I find it and as I continue to explore that link.)

Corwin, Matthias - was in Ipswich, Mass by 1634; but removed to Long Island, New York in 1640, one of the group of founding settlers of Southold, Suffolk Co, New York. Our Hallock ancestral line intersects with the Corwin line with the marriage of Zerubabel Hallock II to Esther Osman, a Corwin descendant.

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Cutter - The widow Elizabeth (possibly Leatherhead) Cutter is the matriarch of this family of immigrants to Cambridge, Mass. Her husband, possibly named Samuel, likely died in England before the family migrated. Her descendants include Roger Sherman, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Our Kansas pioneers are descended from Samuel and Elizabeth (Leatherhead) Cutter as follows: ([Samuel?] Cutter m Elizabeth (Leatherhead?) > Richard Cutter m Elizabeth (___)  > Mercy Cutter m Nathaniel Whitney I......

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Davis, Widow Margery - The Widow Margeret (__) Davis arrived in the Elizabeth in 1635 with three children, married Charles Grice after her arrival in the New World. She lived in Braintree, Mass. One of her daughters, Elizabeth, married William Owen.

Eaton, Lydia - Lydia Eaton was born December 16, 1810, in probably, Dover, Vermont. She married Ezra Baldwin October 10, 1833, as his second wife. They had nine children. She died March 27, 1872, in Delaware Co, Iowa. I have nothing on her ancestry or origins.

Eddy, John, of Taunton - John Eddy is found in Taunton, Mass after the period of the Great Migration, about 1660, origins unknown. He is an ancestor to President Millard Fillmore.

Elderkin, John - John and probable first wife Abigail [Kingsland?] were in Lynn, Mass by 1639, and lived in several places in the colonies before he died. He was a builder. His descendants include General Zebediah Elderkin of the Revolution.

Fisher, Daniel and Hannah (Hill), of Taunton - Our Fisher line starts in Taunton, Mass, then to Norton, Mass for three generations, then onto Marlborough, Vermont, before moving to Kansas. The origins of Daniel Fisher of Taunton are unknown.

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Flagg, Thomas and Mary Underwood(?) - Thomas Flagg is believed to have been born in Hardingham, Norfolk on May 6, 1621, and came to New England when he was 16, embarking at Norfolk in 1637. He settled at Watertown, Mass as early as 1641 and became a proprietor and prominent citizen there. Thomas and Mary, his wife, Mary (last name unknown, but could be Underwood) had twelve children. Two of the boys were killed in Indian wars. Three of Thomas Flagg's children married three Bigelow siblings causing quite a few common descendants from these two immigrants. My line is through his son Michael Flagg, who married Mary Bigelow.

Flood, Joseph - Joseph Flood, his wife, Jane, and three children arrived on the Abigail in 1635. They lived in Lynn, Essex Co, Mass.

Forbush, Daniel - Daniel Forbush was one of our suspected Scottish refugees included in the Great Migration. Married Rebecca Perriman. First record in Cambridge 1660 > Westborough by 1667 (altho some kids after shown as born Cambridge > Concord 1672 > Marlborough after 1681arrived by 1660, settled in Marlborough.

French, William An Original Settler of Billerica, Mass was married to Elizabeth (______) in England where four of his children were born. He emigrated to America in the summer of 1635 in the ship Defence. He lived first in Cambridge, Mass, then became one of the original settlers of Billerica, Mass. He was a distinguished leader of the town: Lieut in the local militia, deacon, and selectman. He died in 1681, age 78. William French had a brother, John, of Billerica, who was an immigrant. Richard French of Cambridge was likely a brother as well. Notable French's include Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph and Charles Goodyear, discoverer of the vulcanization process for rubber.

Gates, Stephen - Stephen, his wife Ann Veare, and three children migrated to America in 1638 on the Diligent and settled in Hingham, then Lancaster, and finally Cambridge, Mass. He is an ancestor of President Bush. He is probably connected with that family of Gates that included the John Gates who was beheaded because of his participation in the Jane Grey affair in the 1500's. Jane Grey was the "nine-day queen" who preceded Queen "Bloody Mary" Mary.

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Gilbert, Thomas - Early in Braintree, Mass, Thomas Gilbert moved to Wethersfield, Conn and died there by 1654. Ancestor of President Herbert Hoover.

Glover, Charles - Charles Glover was admitted as an inhabitant of Salem on April 15, 1639. He may have then moved to Gloucester, Mass, but was in Southold, Long Island at least by 1658, as that is the year he married Mary Glover. He died there in 1702.

Goodrich brothers John and William possibly came to Wethersfield as minors in the 1630's and became leading citizens of Wethersfield. Their descendants include B. F. Goodrich. Goodrich Notables include B. F. Goodrich, Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman, and other notable Goodrichs.

Green, William - William Green was in Charlestown before 1640 and was in that group of our ancestors who signed the original town orders for Woburn, Mass. He married Hannah, daughter of immigrant Thomas Carter. He and his wife died young, leaving his children orphans.

Griggs, Wibroe - I have normally listed immigrant families here by the husband's name. In this case, I'm listing both spouses of this family of John Cooper and Wibroe Griggs. The reason is that Wibroe was the matriarch of two American families. She was mother of immigrant Henry Pierson, of Southampton, Long Island; as well as the wife of John Cooper and mother of his children. She is also very likely related to the George Griggs family who immigrated to America on the ship Hopewell with them in 1635, but that relationship is unknown. See Cooper

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Hagar, William - Early Watertown, Mass, settler. Our Kansas Pioneers' line from William Hagar is: William Hagar m Mary Bemis > Sarah m Nathaniel Whitney I > Nathaniel Whitney II m Mercy Robinson > Nathaniel Whitney III m Mary Child > Nathaniel Whitney IV m Abigail Joslin > Abigail Whitney m Elijah Bruce.

Hallock, Peter and son William - In the group of earliest settlers of Southold, Long Island in 1640. Their descendants include Civil War general Henry Wager Halleck, the artist Mary Ann (Hallock) Foote, and the poet Fitz-Greene Hallock. Our line is through Thomas and Hope (Comstock) Hallock.

Hill, John and Frances - of Dorchester, Mass - John and Frances (___) had a large family of perhaps 13 children. Among the earliest settlers in Dorchester. Either John or or his son, John, Jr. was a petitioner founder of Medway, Mass.

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Holloway, William - of Marshfield, Plymouth Colony. My ancestor Josiah Read was married to Grace Holloway. NEHGR 58:404-5, 1904 presents a real estate deed naming the father of Hannah (Holloway) Read as William Holloway.  I have found nothing further on this William Holloway to date. I have seen a couple of William Holloway's in New England, but nothing to tie our to these yet. The above mentioned real estate deed had to do with property in Marshfield, Plymouth Co, Mass.
See the William Read Section

Horton, Barnabas - Early settler of Southold, Long Island, New York. We are related to Barnabas via the Mary md John Budd > Mary Budd md Christopher Youngs.

Richard Howell of Southold, Long Island - Richard Howell may be related to we descendants of the Kansas Pioneers in two ways. First, he is the ancestor of Harmony Howell, wife of Bethuel and mother of John Kasar Hallock. Additionally, he may be either the natural son, from a previous marriage, of the wife of our Hallock matriarch: Margaret (___) Hallock. If the tradition given in the Hallock Genealogy is true, ie that he is a brother of Margaret, wife of William Hallock, then all William Hallock and Richard Howell descendants are cousins from an unknown ancestral couple of this Widow Howell and her first husband. However, there is no evidence that has been found to support this legend.

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Jenkins, Joel - Early in Malden and Braintree, Mass. Married Sarah Gilbert (see Gilbert)

Joslin, Thomas and Rebecca (___) - and their family arrived in America in 1635 on the ship "Increase". He moved around a bit at first, and his early  years are a bit "unsettled", he is believed to have settled first in Watertown, then Hingham (by 1645) and then one of the original settlers in the frontier town of Lancaster, 40 miles west of Boston, in 1654. He died there in 1661. My Joslin line merges into my Whitney line with the marriage of Abigail Joslin, b 1735 to Nathaniel Whitney, b 1728.

Kasar, Hannah - (Possibly a spelling variation of the more commonly found Keyser family of New England). Hannah Kasar, born about 1754-1760, married first Jonathan Corwin February 04, 1778, in Norwich, New London Co, Conn, and second, our ancestor, John Howell, June 19, 1794, in Mattituck, Long Island, New York. She had three children with Jonathan Corwin and five children with John Howell. Her ancestry and origins are unknown to me.

Kemp, William - William Kemp immigrated to Duxbury, Plymouth Colony, on the ship James on Jun 3, 1635. He married Elizabeth Partridge, daughter of Ralph Partridge, sometime after her arrival in America, on Nov 17, 1636. They had a daughter, Patience, who married Samuel Seabury on November 16, 1660. William Kemp died by Sep 23, 1641, and Patience was raised by her mother and new step-father, Thomas Thacher, a minister of some renown during the colonial period.

King, Thomas and Anne (Collins) - and their family were settled in Sudbury, Mass by 1639. All children were likely born in England, although it's possible that a couple of the younger ones were born in America. His wife, believed to be Anne Collins, died just a few years later. He married, second, Bridget Loker a few years later. He died in Marlborough, Mass in 1676.

King, William and Dorothy (Hayne) - Early settlers of Salem, Mass. They are ancestors to three American Presidents: Ben Harrison, William Howard Taft, and Warren Harding. We descendants of the Kansas Pioneers have FIVE lines of descent from William and Dorothy (Hayne) King from three of their children (two lines of descent from two of those three.)

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Knight, Richard - Ran out of New Hampshire, off to Rhode Island. We descendants of Daniel Baldwin II find ourselves in the Knight tree by virtue of his marriage to Anna Knight. She is Richard > David > Joseph. Richard Knight originally migrated to New Hampshire, then to Rhode Island. Our branch of his descendants ended up in Connecticut in the early 1700's, which is where David Knight met Sarah Backus and married her.

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Knowlton brothers - Early Ipswich, Mass settlers. We descendants of Benjamin Baldwin find ourselves in the Knowlton Family from the marriage of Benjamin Baldwin to Hannah Knowlton in the 1690's.

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Lathrop, John - John Lathrop (also spelled Lothrop and Lothropp) was a preacher of some renown. He was from Kent, England, where he was pastor of the first Independent church in London, and settled in Scituate, Mass., in 1634; then, in 1639, the founder of Barnstable, Mass. He came to Massachusetts with his own "flock" and they initially settled in Scituate. But their brand of religion didn't quite settle in with the Pilgrims and Puritans and the flock decided to move to a new place where they could practice their religion their way without so much interference. They were not extremists to the point they were "expelled" as some were, to Rhode Island; and, John Lathrop was a respected minister in the New England community.

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Latiny, Mary - Mary Latiny was an orphan who married Artemus Bruce. Her ancestry has not been discovered. She was born about 1732. The record of her baptism, in Westborough, Mass establishes that she was a foster child. "July 17, 1737 Mary (otherwise Thankfull) Latiny a child committed by the Select Men to the care of Simon Tainter and his wife was baptised." She died in Newfane, Vermont Sep 29, 1811. See the Bruce family.

Learned, William and Goodith (Gilman) - William Learned joins Ezekiel Richardson as two of our earliest immigrants (after Stephen Tracy), coming to the colony in 1630 in Winthrop's Fleet. William and Judith Learned were neighbors of our immigrant Henry Baldwin and the Richardson brothers of Woburn and was also a signer of the original Woburn town orders in 1640. He and Goodith had 6 children. Sarah, the oldest, married (2nd) Thomas Lathrop, starting the branch of the family that is ours. Goodith died sometime after 1632 and William remarried a lady we only know as Jane. William Learned died in Woburn on March 1, 1646.

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Marsh, John - Early Salem, Mass, immigrated 1634-6, cordwainer. We are descended from his son Zachariah / Zachery, who he had with his first wife whose identity we do not know.

Maynard, John - We descendants of Henry Gilbert Baldwin, Kansas Pioneer, find ourselves as descendants of John Maynard of Sudbury, Mass, as follows: John Maynard, immigrant (wife unknown) > John Maynard m Mary Gates > Mary Maynard m Isaac Woods > Mary Woods m Elijah Bruce > Artemus Bruce m Mary Latiny > Elijah Bruce m Abigail Whitney > Abigail Bruce m Nehemiah Fisher > Eleanor Fisher m Henry Gilbert Baldwin. John Maynard was a founder of Marlborough, Mass, along with our fellow ancestors John Woods and Thomas King.

Mew, Sarah - Sarah Mew was the wife of John Cooper, son of immigrant John Cooper, b 1625. She was an immigrant in her own right, probably migrating with her brother, Ellis Mew, or her cousin, Benjamin Ling. This ancestor is not proven to we descendants of the Kansas Pioneers, as the parents of Mary, wife of John Penny, of Long Island, are speculative. For more on her descendancy, see Cooper.

Monroe, Harriet Polly - The wife of Sylvester Alger, from New York, lived Richland Co, Ohio, is reported to have been Harriet Polly Monroe, per Heritage, by Doug Geist. This name is probably coming from family sources. Her origins are unknown to me. See Alger.

Moore, Thomas - Thomas Moore, Sr and his family, including Thomas Moore, Jr., who would marry Reverend John Youngs sister, Martha Youngs, were in Salem, Mass in the 1630's. Thomas, Jr. and Martha moved to Long Island at least by 1650.

Morse, Joseph - The Morse's represent more of our Watertown ancestry. They were neighbors to many of our other Watertown ancestors as the children of the immigrants intermarried. The immigrant father was in Ipswich by 1637, the immigrant's son in Watertown by 1636, grandson in Groton about 1666, but Indians destroyed Groton in 1676 and he returned to Watertown.

Morse, Sarah - Wife of Nehemiah Fisher, she was born about 1706 to parents unknown to me. Since Nehemiah was born in Norton, Bristol Co, Mass, she may be from that area.

Osborn, William - of possibly Weymouth, or the Salem, Mass area. He is likely the son of an immigrant, origins unknown to me. He and his wife, Hannah Burton, are ancestors to William Howard Taft.

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Osman, Thomas - Early Long Island Settler, by the 1650s, married Martha Purrier. His son John-2 Osman married Sarah Corwin, and their daughter, Esther-3 Osman, married Zerubabel Hallock.


Owen, William - Braintree, Mass Puritan immigrant. His daughter, Deliverance, married John Eddy of Taunton.

Owen Family of Wading River, Long Island  - James Owen of Wading River, Long Island married Mary Paine. Their daughter, Mary Owen, married Jacob Aldrich.

Paine Family of Wading River, Long Island - John Paine first came to Wading River, Long Island, about 1717. He is the patriarch of most of the Wading River Paines.

Parmenter, John and Bridget  - arrived in the colonies in 1635, with their daughter and son-in-law, John Woods. Their home was Sudbury, Mass. They are ancestors of Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph.

Parsons, Samuel - Early East  Hampton Long Island settler. A daughter, name unknown, married Samuel Sherrill about 1662.

Partridge, George - (no relationship to Ralph) 1636 Immigrant to Duxbury, Plymouth Colony. We descendants of Daniel Baldwin find ourselves in the family of immigrant George Partridge by virtue of the marriage of Daniel (1) to Hannah Partridge in approximately 1730 in Connecticut. George Partridge and his wife, Sarah Tracy, are ancestors of Winston Churchill, as are our Southwick ancestors.

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Partridge, Ralph - (no relationship to George) was a much respected minister of the Duxbury church for over 20 years. He was selected in 1637 to serve on a committee of three persons to compose the "Platform of Church Discipline" for the Cambridge Synod. The other two members: only Cotton and Mathers, two of the most celebrated preachers of their time. Pretty heady company. Notable descendants include Silas Deane and Oxenbridge Thacher, who both had a profound effect on our Revolution. Silas Deane is surely one of our most interesting cousins.

Paul, John - Early Malden, Mass Settler. Married Lydia Jenkins.

Peirce, John   - Was in the colonies by 1634, then returned to England to bring his family back to America. He and his family are among the many of our ancestors that lived in Watertown, Mass.

Perriman, Rebecca - Rebecca Perriman is ancestor in her own right. She married immigrant Daniel Forbush in Cambridge, Mass, on March 26th of 1677. I am descended from her daughter Elizabeth, who married Roger Bruce.  Her sister, Francis, married second, my ancestor Richard Cutter. I am descended from Richard Cutter and his first wife, Elizabeth (____). (whew!)

Savage, in Dictionary of First Settlers of New England, says

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Pinney / Penny, John - John Penny was a blacksmith in Southampton, Long Island in about 1685. His origins are unknown to me. He signed a power of attorney to a Samuel Cooper, his brother-in-law on account of his being in the Carolina's in 1796. He is likely the father of Edward Penny, who married Katherine Gamlin? and lived in the area of Riverhead, Long Island, New York.

Pollock, John - Scotch-Irish immigrant, circa 1800. Our New England lines, in America for over 150 years by 1800, are now starting to spread over the land as witnessed by one of the first marriages, of which I am aware, of our New England ancestors, to non-Puritans. The Pollocks migrated to America circa 1800 and were first in Pennyslvania.

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Purrier, William - Early Long Island Settler

Read, Thomas - Thomas and Katherine (___) Read were from Colchester, Essex, England and arrived in the colonies sometime between 1640-1654. (There is no known relationship between this Thomas Read and our other ancestor, William Read.)

Read, William - William Read was an early immigrant to Weymouth and Boston, Mass, but at least two sons, Josiah and Joseph, were in Connecticut by 1660 or so, as they were among the early settlers of Norwich, Conn.  Our Kansas Pioneer line is William Read (immigrant) > Josiah > William > Sarah m Joseph Knight > Anna Knight m Daniel Baldwin II. (No known relationship to Thomas Read, another immigrant ancestor.)

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Reynolds, Robert and Mary (Pulleyne) - Robert Reynolds was in New England by August of 1634, as he was admitted to the church in Boston in that month. With short stops in Watertown and then Litchfield, Conn, he settled in Boston, Massachusetts by 1636, where he spent the rest of his life. Robert was a cordwainer (shoemaker). One of his "homelots" in Boston was the place on which Benjamin Franklin was born January 6, 1705, while it was still owned by the Reynolds family. He died in Boston on April 27, 1659, and his wife, Mary, a few years later.

Rhodes, Henry - Early in Lynn, Mass, with wife Elizabeth [White?].

Richardson Brothers of Woburn - We descendants of Henry Baldwin of Woburn find ourselves in the Richardson Family from the marriage of Henry Baldwin to Phebe Richardson in 1649. All descendants of Henry Baldwin, the immigrant to Woburn, are also Richardsons. Ezekiel and Susannah (Bradford?) were in Winthrop's Fleet, which was the first migration of settlers (besides the earlier exploratory migrants) in 1630.

Richardson, Patti or Polly - Was born about 1768 in an unknown place. She married Elijah Baldwin, as his second wife, in 1790, in either Windham Co, Conn or Windham Co, Vermont. She died February 23, 1812, in Dover, Vermont. I have nothing more on her origins or ancestry.

Robinson, William - William Robinson was in the colonies by at least 1654, and may have been born here (about 1640). He married Elizabeth Cutter, daughter of immigrant Richard Cutter.  The line of we Kansas pioneers is William Robinson m Elizabeth Cutter > Mercy Robinson m Nathaniel Whitney II, b 1675.

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Rogers, James and Mary (____) - of Rhode Island. Our Rogers are NOT connected with the Rogers family of Mayflower fame. Our James Rogers was in Providence, Rhode Island by 1640. Since Rhode Island was the refuge for those immigrants who generally did not get along with the Puritans of Massachusetts, we can only guess what his religious leanings were. (I have not tied his descendants into the Rogerene movement of the early 1700's, either.) We are tied into James by the marriage of his daughter, Sarah, to Richard Knight. Their son, David, moved to Connecticut, and married Sarah Backus, the daughter of Stephen and Sarah (Spencer) Backus.

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Rose, Widow Joanna and her likely son, Thomas

We find that Thomas Rose was a neighbor of Robert Allyn in New London, Conn circa 1680. This turns out to be significant to us as Thomas Rose will marry Robert Allyn's daughter, Hannah, and our branch is a result of that union. (Thomas Rose m Hannah Allyn > Deborah Rose m Samuel Partridge.) Thomas Rose is likely a son of a woman who was known as the Widow Joanna Rose.

Sandiforth, Mary - Wife of Jacob Aldrich, according to the Adrich Family Genealogy. She was born 1718 and married Jacob on August 19, 1747, on Long Island, New York. Another Aldrich genealogy has her last name as Reeve(s). She may be a daughter of a marriage recorded for a Thomas and Rachel (Smith) Sandiforth on Feb 22, 1722, in Southold, Long Island. I have nothing more on her ancestry or origins.

Scudder Kinship Network -  Our ancestor, Bridget (___) Very / Verry is almost certainly a granddaughter of Henry and Elizabeth (____) Scudder, who died in England in 1595. The Scudders have additional early kinships with the our Lathrop, King, and Betts lines. (See Stoughton, Betts, Very)

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Seabury, John and son Samuel - John Seabury, the immigrant, apparently was in Boston by 1640, because son Samuel was born there on December 10, 1640. I don't know if he came to America married, or if his wife, Grace, is the daughter of an unidentified immigrant ancestor of ours.  Samuel was settled in Duxbury, Plymouth Co, Mass sometime after 1660. The Seabury's were neighbors to the George Partridge family, which proved beneficial for us, as Samuel's daughter, Hannah , married John Partridge, a son of George Partridge.

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Shatswell Family - including Margaret, wife of Matthias Corwin This family is one of several immigrant family groups we are descended from.

Shattuck, William and Susanna (____) - We have quite a collection of the founders and early settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, in our ancestral tree. William and Susanna (____) Shattuck, our immigrant ancestors in this line, are included in that group. He was in Watertown at least by 1639, as he appears as the owner of land on that date. He was apparently a young man when he migrated, and married a lady here in America who we only know as Susannah. We do not know her heritage, so we are missing the identity of an immigrant there. Most single ladies that came over at that time period were either children or maids of immigrants, although it may not be ruled out that she was a widow of a recent male immigrant.

Sherrill, Samuel- The Sherill family were early in East Hampton, Long Island. The History of East Hampton says that Samuel was born in Ireland of English parents and wound up in Long Island after his ship wrecked there. The "Elizabeth Sherry" who married Jonathan Howell Jan 26, 1738, in Southold, Long Island, New York, is believed to be his daughter.

Silsbee, Henry and Dorothy (_____) -  Migrated by 1639. was in Salem 1639, Ipswich 1647, Lynn 1658. Had a good sized family of at least eight children.

Skelton, Samuel and Susanna (Travis)  - Samuel Skelton is NOT an ancestor of ours. But, since I did a workup on him when I thought we might be, I present that information here. (Susanna Skelton was NOT the mother of the three oldest children of John Marsh.)

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Southwick, Lawrence and Cassandra Burnell - Lawrence and Cassandra Burnell were persecuted for being Quakers. Both were jailed, and two of their children were ordered into slavery and to be deported, but fortunately the sentence was not carried out. During this time, several Quakers were hung in New England, for no other reason than being Quakers and holding to their beliefs. Lawrence and Cassandra died while seeking refuge on Shelter Island, New York. Their home was in Salem, Mass. They are the ancestors of Winston Churchill through two different lines, General Nathanael Greene and President Nixon, who often talked about his Quaker roots during his presidency. It is ironic that one of our greatest generals in the revolution was a son of a Quaker preacher, who taught his flock not to participate in wars.

Spencer siblings- Five Spencer siblings came to America during the Great Migration: William, Thomas, Gerard, Michael and Elizabeth (md Timothy Tomlins). They settled early in Lynn, but William and Thomas soon went to Hartford, Conn. Gerard followed a few years later to Haddam, Conn. Michael moved to Hartford for a short time, but returned to Lynn. Our branch is from Gerard > Sarah md Stephen Backus. This family then moved on to Canterbury, Windham Co, Conn.

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Stark, Anna - Wife of William Read. Anna Stark is shown in a marriage record with William Read on May 4, 1699, in Norwich, Conn and then "Anna" is shown as the mother in the birth records of their children. Aaron Stark(e) was an early settler in New London, Conn, a few miles from Norwich, on the coast. He is considered the "ancestor" to all known Starks in the area. However, we have not been able to place her in his family.

Stevens, Henry - of Boston

Stoughton, Elizabeth - Elizabeth (Stoughton) Scudder Chamberlain migrated as a widow in the 1630's, bringing her children, with surnames of both Scudder and Chamberlain with her. She was probably following her brothers, Thomas and Israel Stoughton, as well as her former in-law kin, the Scudder immigrants. We descendants of the Kansas Pioneers are descended from her daughter, Joanna Chamberlain, who married Richard Betts. See the Betts Page for more on Joanna. See the Scudder Kinship Network page for more on the network of families, many of which are American immigrants, associated with the descendants of Henry Scudder of England.

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Swazey/Swezey, John - He and his wife, Margaret migrated first to Salem, moved to Southold, Long Island in the 1650's. Being Quaker, he soon moved to Long Island with other Quakers from the Salem area. He had two sons: John and Joseph. The name has numerous spelling variations. Our branch seems to have settled on Swezey by the fourth generation or so, but most others seem to be Swayze. Folklore is that this settler may have had German origins at some time in the mists of time.

Tracy, Stephen and Tryphosa Lee - Stephen Tracy is our earliest immigrant thus far, coming to  the Plymouth Colony in 1623 on the Anne. He was a member of the Leiden Separatist congregation and eventually returned to England. His child, Sarah, stayed in America, however, and married George Partridge in 1638. Her brother and sisters appear to have stayed in America, also. She was born in 1621 in Leyden/Leiden, Holland, so she was about four when she came over and 17 when she married George Partridge. His wife, Tryphosa Lee, has been reported in some genealogies as the sister of Bridget Lee, wife of Samuel Fuller, both passengers on the Mayflower. I have not seen documentation of that relationship to this point.

Tuthill, Henry - born 1612 in Norfolk, England, migrated to Hingham, Mass by 1637, moved to Southold, Long Island, in the 1640's.

Vail, Jeremiah - Early Salem settler by 1636 for eleven years, then to Long Island.

Very - The Widow Bridget and sons Samuel and Thomas, migrated to Salem, Mass by 1636. Bridget is the matriarch to two American families, her first children from her marriage to a Thomas Very and then her children from Edward Giles. She is an ancestor of President William Howard Taft.

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Warren, John and Margaret (____) - Immigrants to Watertown, Mass by 1633. John Warren's presence in America is documented in "The Great Migration Begins" by Robert Charles Anderson, thus making him one of our earliest ancestors. I am personally a "double" Warren descendant, as I am a product of marriages of two different Warren descendants, through both my Whitney and Joslin lines.

Wedge, Thomas - and wife Deborah Stevens, Puritan immigrant to Sudbury, Mass.

William Wells - Born 1604 in Norfolk, England, settled in Southold in the 1640's, influential leader of the colony, died in 1671.

Whitney, John and Elinor (___) - John Whitney was our immigrant ancestor in this ancestral line. He was born in Westminster, London in 1592 and married a lady whose last name we do not know: Elinor. He was a tailor. He migrated to the Watertown in 1635 when he was 42 with his wife and five children, ages 1 through 11.They had three more children born in the colonies. He died in Watertown in 1673. John and Elinor are the ancestors of Eli Whitney.

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Wilkin Family - This is a Pennsylvania family, possibly Scotch-Irish, who married into our New England family after they had moved out of New England after the Revolution. The earliest ancestor I have of this line is James Wilkin, who had six children, including Matthew, who married Eliza Dugan, approx 1792, in probably Fayette County, Pennsylvania. They, in turn, had nine children, including Fannie Wilkin, who married Samuel Pollock. See the Bill Sowers Wilkins Page for more. See the Pollock section for the rest of their story down our branch.

Williams, Robert - and wife Elizabeth (Stalham) arrived in the colonies in 1637 and lived in Roxbury, Mass, near Boston.

We descendants of the Kansas Pioneers are not descendants of Robert Williams, as Elizabeth, the wife of Richard Cutter,  was not his daughter. I leave this material here for folks that can make use of it.

Willis, Ruth - Ruth Willis married Edmund Fisher on March 17, 1757 in Norton, Bristol Co, Mass. I do not know her origins.

Woodis, John - I have found so little on this immigrant that I don't have enough to create a separate page. He was the father of Alice Woodis, husband of Samuel Very. Savage says:  John Woodhouse, Woodis, Woodice, or Woodowes, [of] "Salem, of wh. I kn. nothing but from his will of 24 May 1659, pro. 29 June foll. in wh. he names d. Alice, w. of Samuel Very, and her ch. Samuel, Eliz. Sarah, Thomas, and John, beside ano. person, of whose name I dare not be certain.  See Essex Inst. I. 92."  Persi reports his will was published in  Massachusetts Essex Antiquarian, Vol 8, No 1 January 1904. Other spelling variations could be: Woodas, Woddas, Wooddas, Woodisse, and other variations. Refer to the Woodis and Woodhouse GenForums.

Woods, John - Migrated in 1635 in the Hopewell with his wife and her parents, Mary Parmenter and John and Bridget (___) Parmenter. They lived in Salem, then Sudbury, then Marlborough, Mass. His descendants include Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph.

Youngs - of Reyden, Southwold, Suffolk, England

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