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Thomas and Anne (Collins?) King 
of Sudbury and Marlborough, Mass
England, Possibly Shaftsbury, County Dorset
About 1595-1600
Ancestry history: 
Unknown to me
   See English History Pages for Dorset  Co and Shaftsbury
 Immigration Date: 
By 1638 or 39
 Immigration Marital status: 
Married, with 5 kids, sixth may have been born in the colonies
Unknown to me
Biographical and Family
Biographies:  Michael Roman Page
Sudbury, Mass 1639 > Marlborough, Mass 1656, died there 1676 
He was a founding settler of Marlborough - See Historical Sketch of the founding of Marlborough, Mass
First, in England, and mother of all children: Anne Collins?, d 1642
Second, Bridget (Loker) Davis
Anna, Peter, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Martha
Notable descendants: 
Subsequent generations:
Three daughters married Rice (brothers? cousins?) So, a good portion of the genealogy of Thomas King will be in that name.
Kansas Pioneers' Line: 
Thomas > Sarah m Nathaniel Joslin
Not believed to be related to Thomas King of Watertown or Thomas King of Scituate, Mass

On list of petitioners for the town of Marlborough, which also included John Woods and John Maynard. 

A John Parmenter, Jr. served on a committee with Thomas King. A sister of John Parmenter, Jr. married John Woods' son.

Resources and Research
 See genealogies of husbands of first generation daughters: Kerley, Rice, and Joslin. I have not been able to ascertain if Peter-2 had children. If he did not have descendants, this line daughtered out in the first generation of children.
 Gates Resources and Research
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