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John and Son Samuel
of Duxbury, Plymouth

John, The Immigrant
Samuel, the son
Notable Kin
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Subsquent Generations
Children and Grandchildren
Kansas Pioneers Lineage

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John Seabury - The Immigrant
Duxbury History by Winsor, pg 305, "[Seabury] John, died bef 1662; married Grace, had John, went to Barbadoes; Samuel, Dec 10, 1640 and some daughters." 

Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, Holmes, 1964, pg ccxii: "Seabury, John, resident Boston, Mass before 1642." 

Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England, Farmer-Drake, 1989: "[John Seabury] Boston, had a son Samuel, born 1640." 

The Great Migration Begins, Anderson, 1995. "On Nov 25, 1639, the Boston selectmen gave leave for John Seaberry to buy "our brother Water Merrye's house, and half an acre under it in the Mylne field". In 1641, "John Seberry" sued Walter Merry for 15 pounds, saying that the original purchase price for the house, 170 pounds, was an overvaluation. 

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Samuel Seabury - The Son
SKETCH FROM HISTORY OF DUXBURY, INCLUDING PORTIONS OF WILL, History of the Town of Duxbury, Justin Winsor, 1849. 

"Samuel, (son of John), removed to Duxbury; a physician; - We find the following memormandum in Suffolk deeds, Vol III: "Samuel Seabury, sonne of the late John Seabury of Boston (now living in Duxbury), this 10th of April, 1662, entered his claim to a certain house and parcel of land heretofore belonging to his father, now belonging to his brother John Seaberry of Barbadoes and himself, the said house and land being in possession of one Nathaniel Fryer, who deatins it from them under a pretence of  a purchase from Alexander Adam, and he from John Milom, the land being about half an acre more or lesse, and bounded with the land formerly Isaaac Grosse, northwest, Walter Merry on the southeast and southwest, and the bay northeast, which claim he resolves to prosecute..... " 

His name is spelled variously, Sebury, Saberry, Saberry (in his will), Sabery...... 

He owned land at Is. Ck, North river, the Gurnet and at the brick-kilns. 

He married Patience Kemp, Nov 9, 1660, at Weymouth; she died Oct 29, 1676; married second Martha Pabodie, Apr 4, 1677; he died August 5, 1681. 

His will gives to son Samuel his landed property in Duxbury; to son Joseph, "those great silver buttons, which I usually wear;" to son John my birding piece and musket; I will that my negro servant Nimrod (valued at 27 pounds) be disposed off either by heir or sale in order to the bringing up of my children, especially the three youngest now borne." 

The "Seabury House" stood where Wait Wadsworth's now stands, and was a large old fashioned building, very high in front, but with the roof nearly reaching to the ground behind. 

He had Elizabeth, Sep 16, 1661, who probably removed from the town, as in her mother's will, she has given her a negro girl Jane, and a cow, "if she returns;", Sarah, August 18, 1663, who also removed; Samuel, Apr 20, 1666; Hannah, July 7, 1668; John, Nov 7, 1670, d Mar 18, 1672; Grace and Patience (gemini - (twins)), Mar 1, 1673, Grace died Mar 16, 1673, Patience died Mar 17, 1673; Joseph, Jun 8, 1678; Martha, Sep 23, 1679; John, m Elizabeth Alden, Dec 9, 1697; and a posthumous child."

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Notes, Questions, Errata
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Subsquent Generations

Son John moved to New London, Conn. From the History of Norwich:

Pg 265, "(in a list of... apparently settlers..).. SEABURY, John; east of the river, before 1700.
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Kansas Pioneers Lineage
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