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John Paine
Wading River, Long Island

The Immigrant
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Kansas Pioneers Lineage


The origins of Capt. Johh Paine of Wading River, Long Island, New York are not known to a certainty by me. It is likely he is one of the two John Paines listed as children in the 1698 Southold Census.

Those John Paines in the 1698 census are thought to be descendants of Thomas Paine, of Salem, Mass, as follows:

John-4, John-3, Peter-2, Thomas-1
John-4, John-2, John-2, Thomas-1
It is possible there were other John Paines in Southold, but not in the 1698 census, or that he is from other Paine stock of New England - even a brother of the Rev Thomas Paine from Conn who setup as a minister in Long Island about 1750. One genealogy shows Paines of this line were in Shelter Island earlier than 1750.

A late 19th century biography of Benjamin King Paine indicated he was from Peter. The John-3 of that line was married 2nd to Jemima Alsop, and descendants of one son: Alsop Paine repeated the names Alsop and Jemima frequently through the generations of their family. There are no Alsops or Jemimas in the descendants of John Paine of Wading River. Although the existence of those names in descendants would support the theory that John Paine of Wading River was from Peter-2, the lack of them doesn't really prove anything. That does raise the issue of whether, if this John Paine is of the Peter branch, if he was a son of John-3's first wife, Mary (___).

John-4 of the John-2 branch sold real estate to his brother, Nathaniel, in 1706. See Southold Town Records. Those records describe that John as a mariner. But, again, that doesn't rule him out. That John could have retired from the sea later or lived in Wading River and still have been a mariner.

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The Top-of-Line Ancestor

Date of Birth

About 1690-1698. Capt John Paine of Wading River, Long Island, New York named grandchildren in his 1762 will, indicating he was probably at least 50 by then, probably older, ie born before 1712. His son, John, is believed to be the John Paine in the marriage record dated Dec 15, 1756, to Mary Tuthill. Subtracting 40-50 years from that date gives 1706-1716. The date of birth of Mary (Paine) Owen is given as 1728 per her headstone. Using 25 years of age for John when Mary was born would give a date of birth for John of 1703, and she was probably not his oldest. John Paine of Wading River was therefore born probably not earlier than 1690, nor later than 1705. If he was one of the John Paines in the 1698 census, that would probably mean born 1690-1698.

Will of John Paine of Wading River:

Abstracts of Wills Vol VI 1760-1766
Pg 164

Page 394.--In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN PAINE, of Southold, in Suffolk County, Gent., being weak and sick.

I leave to my daughter-in-law, Mary Paine, one room in my house, and one-third of the live stock, and the use of the land and meadows which I leave to my two grandsons, John and Moses Paine, so long as she remains my son's widow.

I leave to my grandson, John Paine, all my homestead and buildings, except one acre of land in the north side of my orchard, on the south side of the highway, adjoining to the land of Benjamin Emmans, which said acre I leave to my grandson Moses. I also leave to my grandson, John Paine, 2/3 of all my meadow on the north side of the main creek.

I leave to my grandson, Moses Paine, 1/3 of said meadow, and 3 lots of land joining on the east side of the land of William Dickenson, Bounded west by James Leynter; also 1/2 of a lot joining the land of Samuel Mapes on the west and James Lupton on the east.

I leave to my grandson, Benjamin Paine, 2 lots at a place called Half Way Hollow, adjoining the land of Samuel Mapes on the east and Samuel Emmans on the west, and all my meadow south of the main creek.

I leave to my daughter, Elizabeth Robinson, a bed and furniture.

To my grandson, John Paine, a warming pan and his father's gun.

To each of my grandsons, John and Moses, a bed and bedding, and my old gun and my loom and tackling, but it is to remain where it is until they come of age. I leave to my three grandsons, John, Moses, and Benjamin, all my farming utensils and carpenter tools.

I leave all my cattle and all my pewter to my daughters Elizabeth and Mary and my grandsons. "I order my half bushel to be kept where it is." To my grandsons, all my wearing apparell. "My wood land is to stay just as it is, without being cut, except just enough for firewood." When my grandson Moses is of age all things are to be divided as soon as possible.

I make Benjamin Emmans, Jr., and Abraham Dickenson, executors. Dated January 14, 1762.

Witnesses, Ezra Reeve, Mehetabel Tuthill. Proved, April 29, 1762.



Maker: John Paine
Dates: Written, Jan 14, 1762, Proved April 29, 1762
Wife: None mentioned
Sons: one implicit by naming grandsons named Paine, but that son not named
Daughter-in-law: Mary Paine
Daughters: Elisabeth Robinson, Mary
Grandsons: Benjamin, John, Moses (Moses underage... others may or may not be). A very slight suggestion that Benjamin may be from a previous wife. (See second paragraph stating daughter-in-law is to live on land given grandsons Moses and John.) This would seem to be born out by age in 1778 census, born 1755, whereas John Paine, Jr who married Mary Tuthill - if they, indeed are the parents - didn't marry till Dec 1756. The ages in that census are notoriously inaccurate, however.
Witnesses: Ezra Reeve, Mehetabel Tuthill
Executors: Benjamin Emmans, Jr., and Abraham Dickenson

I see no relationship with the executors at the present time, but I don't know who his wife was?? A Benjamin Emmons md a Hannah Youngs. There is a Benjamin Emans/Emmans and a Benjamin, Jr in the 1778 census by family in Wading River. One of the deeds in the Benjamin K. Payne papers [Ackerly collection] shows John Paine's land abutting Samuel Emmon's in 1745. A John and Mary Paine witnessed a will of Thomas Emmons.

Note the neighbor William Dickenson.. there is a William Dickensen in the Wading River 1778 census.

Note: His death took place during the period of time the Salmon Death Records have a 10 year missing gap.

We know the wife of James Owen was the daughter Mary in John Paine's will from the following document in the Ackerly  Collection at SCHS:

From Ned Smith of SCHS, citing:  "Orville B. Ackerly Records; Suffolk County Historical Society, Riverhead, NY 11901; volume 3, p. 94"

"Know all men by these presents that We John Robinson of Brookhaven and James Owen of Southold in County of Suffolk and Province of New York Do hereby acquit and Discharge Mary Pain of Southold widow of and from all Demands which we have of and upon the said Mary Pain for any goods and chattles which belong to the Estate of Capt. John Pain late of Southold aforesaid Deceased. As witness our hands this 21st day of May 1762"

"witness William Albertson"     signed "John Robinson"  "James Owen"

Mr. Smith goes on to report:

"The 1776 census shows John Robinson in the northern half of Brookhaven; one male over 50, one male 16-50, one female over 16 and one negro over 16. The 1778 Loyalty Oath shows John Robinson, 67, farmer in Brookhaven."

Real Estate

From: County Clerk's Historic Documents Room in the County Center, (Historic Documents Folder
     50, pp. 9-14)

     In the October 1773 term of the Court of Common Pleas, John Pain, infant represented by his guardian Mary Pain [almost certainly the Mary Paine who was his mother] sued Timothy Hudson over some disputed lands. The chain of title was given as:

          -Gov. Edmond Andros patent to the Town of Southold
          -Deed from the patentees to their associates
          -c. 1688, Third Division of Southold,  land in controversy laid out to Budd & Youngs
          -1711 Fourth Division, land at Wading River
          -sold to Benjamin Conkling of East Hampton [not a very close cousin to the Conkling's
          who m. Paine's discussed yesterday]
          -his son sold to Richard Low/Lorey, ca. 1716
          -1716 Richard Low/Lorey conveys 3.5 lots purchased from Ananais Conkling to John
          Paine in fee simple
          -1762 John Pain made his will; the 3.5 lots not devised in it, so descended to his grandson, the plaintiff and heir-at-law [in NY at that time primogeniture applied to intestate real estate]

     Contributed by Mr. Ned Smith of SCHS.

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Notable Kin

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Sources and Resources

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Notes, Questions, Errata
A John Paine married Lucretia Conklin 04/13/1732
A John Paine md a Lucretia Conklin in Southold Records 04/13/1732    . A death entry dated 11/10/1773 is then entered in Southold Records for "Lucretia Pain of Goshen". All known children of John Paine are of Wading River and he did not name a wife in his will. Doubtful she is a wife of John Paine of Wading River.
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Subsquent Generations

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Children and Grandchildren

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Kansas Pioneers Lineage
Line of Descent of Kansas Pioneer Morris Wells Hallock from John Paine of Wading River:

 1   John Paine 1690 - 1762
..  +[Elizabeth?] [Emmons?/Crook?] 1690 -
..... 2   Mary Paine 1728 - 1788
.........  +James Owen 1725 - 1798
............. 3   Mary Owen 1757 - 1800
.................  +Jacob Aldrich 1755 - 1840
.................... 4   Jacob Aldrich 1787 - 1829
........................  +Mary 'Polly' [Youngs?] 1784 - 1864
............................ 5   John Youngs Aldrich 1810 - 1874
................................  +Eleanor Wells 1810 - 1862
................................... 6   Mary Jane Aldrich 1836 - 1862
.......................................  +John Kasar Hallock 1831 - 1875
........................................... 7   Morris Wells Hallock 1858 - 1941
...............................................  +Harriet Loetta Pollock 1865 - 1936
.................................................. 8   Inez Evangeline Hallock 1886 - 1976
......................................................  +Arthur Willis Baldwin 1876 - 1961

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