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Research Resources, Notes, Questions, and Links

Research Resources

History of New London, Conn, Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 1895. Quite a few references to Aaron Stark and his family, including a short bio.

Barbour Collection of Vital Records for Connecticut. This is where we learn the maiden name of Anna, in the marriage record to William Read.

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Research Notes and Questions

Who is the father of Anna Stark?

Anna Stark's maiden name comes to us from her marriage record to William Read in 1699 in Norwich. We have been in touch Gene Stark, a Stark researcher, who tells us that for that place and time, she surely should be a descendant of Aaron Stark, an early settler of New London, Conn. However, he cannot fit her into any of the known "slots" for her in the established Stark tree, which has been around for awhile. So, the mystery continues. In the meantime, tidbits....

Biography of Aaron Starke and other excerpts, History of New London, Conn, Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 1895,


Thoughts... Note that the Stark Genealogy has Aaron and John with daughters Hannah, but married to someone else. A possibility is that Stark may have been a married name from a previous marriage and that she was a widow. William Read was 29 at the time of their marriage, so that can't be ruled out. Records usually showed that status, however, by labeling the person as "Mrs."

We'll just have to see what we uncover as time passes.

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Related Links:

The Stark Page has lots of information, histories, and bibliographies re the Stark Family. This surely looks like our Anna's family as the patriarch was an early Connecticut pioneer. He had two granddaughters, named Hannah, about the same age, but this data base has them both married to different fellows than our William Read. However, there is an "unknown" child listed for Aaron, the patriarch, or she may have been a widow of one of the boys... stay tuned.. still looking..

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