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Thomas and Rebecca (____) Joslin 
 Original Settler of Lancaster, Mass - 1635

Thomas Joslin and his family arrived in America in 1635 on the ship "Increase". He moved around a 
bit at first, and his early  years are a bit "unsettled", he is believed to have settled first in Watertown, 
then Hingham (by 1645) and then one of the original settlers in the frontier town of Lancaster, 40 miles 
west of Boston, in 1654. He died there in 1661. 

Probably Roxwell, Essex, England
Late 1591
See Gates / Josselyn English History Page - Jane Grey Affair 

I would take these databases with a grain of salt, but they have early English Joslin's: 

The Josselin Castle (and 2) in France is supposed to be a source of our family's roots back to Charlemagne, although I put such information in the realm of folklore at this point - still fun to ponder. (This is a thumbnail photo, click on it and it will go to full screen.)
 Immigration Date: 
April 7, 1635
 Immigration Marital status: 
Married, five children with them, ages 1-18, and a maid servant
Age at Immigration: 
Abt 44
The Increase
Biographical and Family 
Biographies:  Michael Roman Biography of Thomas Joslin
Before 1638, possibly in Watertown, Hingham by 1638, possibly Sudbury, Mass for awhile > Hingham, Mass through 1645 > Lancaster, Mass by abt 1654, where he died 1661
Rebecca (possibly Marlowe, not proven)
Rebecca, Abraham, Joseph, Dorothy, Nathaniel, Elizabeth (Note that Abraham and Joseph are not on the ship's list with the other children.)
Notable descendants: 
See Joslin Notable Kin Page
    Charles Sumner - Anti-slavery leader
Subsequent generations: 
For Nathaniel, see King
Kansas Pioneers' Line: 
See Below
Ties to other immigrants: 
Possible relationship to Stephen Gates, of Lancaster.  Were neighbors in both Hingham and Lancaster and the asserted English ancestry of Stephen Gates includes Josselyns common to those for Thomas Joslin in NEHGR Vol 71, 1917. 

Possible relationship to Henry and John Josselyn of Maine. Thomas' son Abraham went to live with them awhile, and their English origins are from the same area. See NEHGR, Vol 17, 1917. 

One of original founders of Lancaster, Mass, 1654 

This is a difficult name to research because of all the spelling variations. Try Jocelyn, Josselyn, Joccelyn, etc. 

Resources and Research
Sons and Daughters of the Piligrims, National Society of Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, 1929 (on-line at genealogylibrary.com) has several lineages of members who are Joslins, undocumented. 
Powers-Banks Genealogy is on-line at genealogylibrary.com (pay service). Has English material and material on the immigrant and the author's line. 

NEHGR: Vol 71: 19-33, 227-257. 1917 English origins of Josselyn's, back to Sir Gilbert. 

 Per the Hingham Page: 

Regarding a son named Joseph for Thomas Joslin: 

"... it has been suggested that 1) Thomas Josselyn, of Hing. 1637, and in 1654 of  Lancaster, Mass., d. at Lancaster, 1660-61 did NOT have a son Joseph (iii as listed on your page) 2) This  inaccuracy is a result of a misread of the age of death of Beatrice Josselyn. 3) She did NOT die at age 73 but rather age 43. Beatrice was the daughter of Joseph, who was the son of Abraham, son of Thomas. This fact has been further established by Roger Joslyn, Certified Genealogist in the NEHGR. This data may be doublechecked for accuracy with the New England Historical Genealogical Society Library on Newbury Street in Boston.)

 Gates Resources and Research
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Joslin Lineage of Kansas Pioneers
       1   Thomas Joslin 1591 - 1661 
      ....  +Rebecca 1592 - 1665 
      . 2   Nathaniel Joslin 1627 - 1694 
      .......  +Sarah King 1632 - 1706 
      .... 3   Nathaniel Joslin II 1658 - 1726 
      ..........  +Hester Morse 1664 - 1725 
      ........ 4   Joseph Joslin 1699 - 1761 
      ..............  +Katherine Read 1707 - 
      ........... 5   Abigail Joslin 1735 - 
      .................  +Nathaniel Whitney IV 1728 - 1776 
      .............. 6   Abigail Whitney 1763 - 1847 
      ....................  +Elijah Bruce 1760 - 1835 
      .................. 7   Abigail Whitney Bruce 1806 - 1884 
      ........................  +Nehemiah Willis Fisher 1805 - 1859 
      ..................... 8   Eleanor Serepta Fisher 1843 - 1924 
      ...........................  +Henry Gilbert Baldwin 1836 - 1894 
      ........................ 9   Arthur Willis Baldwin 1876 - 1961 
      ..............................  +Inez Evangeline Hallock 1886 - 1976 
Estimated descendants: Using 7 children b average 1620, 12 generations, 3 children per family, less 30% for intermarriage: 
    Est 1.2 million descendants, most living today, next generation alone (13th - which we are in the middle of, in many cases) however, would be over 2 million additional descendants.
An interesting point to ponder is where the population of the United States will stand in respect to New England ancestry in the future. I predict that over half of the US population will be able to claim descendancy from over half of the Great Imigration immigrants in, say, 2-300 years. Any mathematicians want to tackle that one?
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