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Ancestral Clusters 

Presented below are our ancestors clustered from female ancestors as they married into several of our male lines, eventually merging in the marriage of Arthur and Inez Evangeline (Hallock) Baldwin.

Baldwin Ancestry

Henry Baldwin, our Baldwin immigrant, married Phebe Richardson, daughter of Ezekiel Richarson.

Benjamin Baldwin married Hannah Green, a descendant of: Carter, Green, Knowlton - continuing our Woburn, Mass connections.

Daniel Baldwin I married Hannah Partridge, descendant of Allyn, Kemp, Partridge, Rose, Tracy, Seabury. Our Duxbury ancestors are here, as well as the beginning of several Connecticut connections.

Daniel Baldwin II married Anna Knight, descendant of our Rhode Island ancestors: Rogers and Knight, as well as Connecticut pioneers: Spencer, Backus, Read, Holloway, and Stark.

Elijah Baldwin, our Revolutionary War veteran on the Baldwin side, married Polly Richardson, of whose ancestry I've been learned nothing.

Ezra Baldwin, married Lydia Eaton, of whose ancestry I've also learned nothing.

Henry Gilbert Baldwin married Eleanor Serepta Fisher and they are our Kansas Pioneer couple on the Baldwin side of the ledger.

Marsh Ancestry

I have not traced Eleanor Serepta Fisher's paternal ancestry to the immigrant, but have found what I believe to be her ancestry of her paternal grandmother: Lucretia Marsh (Not proven)

John Marsh, our immigrant in this line, had an unknown wife and a son named Zachery, and migrated to Salem, Mass.

Zachery Marsh married Mary Silsbee, a daughter of an immigrant.

Jonathan Marsh married Mary Very, a descendant of Very, Scudder, and Woodis.

Zebediah Marsh married Mary Coats, of whom I know nothing.

Lucretia Marsh married Nehemiah Fisher, of whom I only know his father's name, Edmund.

Nehemiah Willis Fisher married Abigail Bruce, see next.

Bruce Ancestry

Thomas and Magdalen (____) Bruce are our original Bruce immigrants.

Roger Bruce married Elizabeth Forbush, a Forbush and Perriman descendant.

Abijah Bruce married Mary Woods, giving us our Woods, Parmenter, Gates, and Maynard ancestry.

Artemus Bruce married Mary Latiney, who was an orphan, and of whom we know very little.

Elijah Bruce married Abigail Whitney, which line is covered next.

Whitney Ancestry

John and Elinor (___) Whitney are our Whitney immigrant ancestors

John Whitney II married Ruth Reynolds, daughter of an immigrant.

Nathaniel Whitney married Sarah Hagar, giving us our Hagar and Bemis heritage.

Nathaniel Whitney II married Mercy Robinson, our gateway to Robinson, Cutter, and Williams ancestry.

Nathaniel Whitney III married Mary Child, our gateway to Child, French, Lathrop, Warren, Barron, and Learned ancestries.

Nathaniel Whitney IV married Abigail Joslin, our gateway to Joslin ancestors, covered next.

Joslin Ancestry

Thomas and Rebeckah (___) Joslin are our immigrant ancestors in this branch.

Nathaniel Joslin married Sarah King, daughter of immigrant Thomas King.

Nathaniel Joslin II married Hester Morse, our gateway to the ancestral lines of Morse, Peirce, and Shattuck.

Joseph Joslin married Katherine Read, our gateway to (Thomas) Read, Goodrich, Bigelow, Warren (a second time), and Flagg.

Abigail Joslin married Nathaniel Whitney IV (above) and they had Abigail Whitney, who married Elijah Bruce (above)

Hallock Ancestry

William Hallock may have married Elizabeth Howell, which, if true, makes us possibly cousins to the descendants of Richard Howell, who is her alleged brother.

Thomas Hallock married Hope Comstock, descendant of immigrants Comstock and Elderkin.

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