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George and Katherine
(Seald) Aldrich
Dorchester > Braintree > Mendon, Mass
(Our Branch: Peter-2 of Southold, LI)

The Immigrant
Notable Kin
Sources and Resources
Notes, Questions, Errata
Subsequent Generations
Children and Grandchildren
Kansas Pioneers Lineage

The origins of George and Katherine (Seald) Aldrich are unknown to me.

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The Immigrant
Biography from: Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worchester County vol 2, Pp 40-1

"ALDRICH FAMILY. George Aldrich (1), was the immigrant ancestor of the Aldrich family of Mendon and Uxbridge. The name was spelled Aldridge and Oldridge in the early records, and some branches of the family still prefer the spelling Aldridge, but the famous Rhode Island family and the descendants in Worcester county, Massachusetts, have for many generations adopted the spelling Aldrich.

George Aldrich was born in Derbyshire, England, about 1605. He was a tailor by trade. He sailed for America, November 6, 1631. He married in England, September 3, 1620, Catherine Seald. She was born in 1610 according to her deposition made June 18, 1670, when she gave her age as sixty years. Aldrich was admitted a freeman December 7, 1636. He settled first in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and he, with his wife Catherine, was member of the Dorchester Church in 1636. He lived in Braintree from about 1640 to 1663, when he settled in Mendon, one of the first seven settlers. He sold his place at Braintree to Richard Thayer, June 9, 1663. He died at Mendon, March 1, 1682. His wife died there January 11, 1691.

His will was dated at Mendon, November 2, 1682, and was proved April 26, 1683. He bequeathed to his wife and to children: Joseph, John, Jacob, Mary Bartlett, Mercy Randall and Martha Dunbar.

Children of George and Catherine (Seald) Aldrich were: Abel; Joseph, ancestor of Senator Aldrich and the Rhode Island family, married Patience Osborne; he was born June 4, 1635; Mary; Miriam, buried at Braintree, January 27, 1640; Experience, died at Braintree, February 2, 1642. The following children were born at Braintree: John, April 2, 1644; Sarah, January 16, 1646, married (???) Bartlett; Peter, April 14, 1648; Mercy, June 17, 1650, married (???) Randall; Miriam, March 16, 1652; Jacob. February 28, 1653, of whom later; Mattithiah (as the old clerk chose to spell Martha), July 10, 1656, married (???) Dunbar."

Will / Estate of George Aldrich:

Suffolk County, MA Probate Records, FHLC film #584128 Vol. 6, page 868 (original page 531) The wording, spelling are retained here.

Will of George Aldrich, Mendon

In the Name of God Amen, George Aldrich be weake in body but of sound understanding dispose of my Estate as followeth ./.

Item. I leave my house & Land and whole Estate with my beloved wife during her life.

Item. I give to my daughter Mary Aldrich Sarah Bartlett, and Mercy Randall and Martha Dunbar twelve pence apeice to be paid by my Executrix.

Item. I give all my wearing Clothes to my eldest Son Joseph Aldrich Item. I give to my Son John Aldrich all my Bookes after my wifes decease.

Item. I give to my grand Child John Aldrich, Son of Joseph Aldrich thirty shillings upon condition that he live with his grand mother during her life according to his fathers promiss.

Item. I give to my youngest Son Jacob Aldrich all my Lands after my wifes decease. Its here-by intended all my Land laid out or to be laid out with all rights and priviledges there-to belonging.

I make my beloved wife sole Executrix of my whole Estate.
I make my Son Jacob Aldrich Over Seer of this my will. Dated Mendon the second day of Novembr. 1682.

= By me George Aldrich

Signed in the presence of us Josiah Chapin. Joseph White

Vide Inventory filed with the will

Josiah Chapin and Joseph White made Oath in County Court at Boston 26.0 April 1683 that they did see and heare George Aldrich Signe & publish this Instrument to be his last will and Testament and that he was of disposing mind when he so did to their best discerning. Jurat Atteste

Isa. Addington, Ctre

On-Line Biographies
George Aldrich at the Aldrich Page. A transcription of a piece of a work by Marcus M. Aldrich, Mendon, MA, 1908.

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Notable Kin
See Notable Aldrich Kin Page, which includes:
William Howard Taft - President of the US
Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller - Vice President under Ford (his Comstock cousin)

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Sources and Resources
Aldrich, Alvin James. The George Aldrich genealogy, 1605-1977 : an attempt to trace, in both the male and the female lines, the posterity of George Aldrich who came from Derbyshire, County Derby, England, in the year 1631, to Dorchester, Colony of Massachusetts, also a genealogical account of the descendants of John and Sarah (Aldrich) Bartlett. -- [Decorah, Iowa : Printed by the Anundsen Pub. Co.], 1971-1988. 6 v. : ill. ; 24 cm. Vol. 6 has title: The George Aldrich genealogy, 1605-1988. (title a.e.) George Aldrich genealogy, 1605-1988. Vol. 3-6 published in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, by the author. Includes indexes. 1. Aldridge family.   I. Title. CS71.A375 1971          929'.2'0973            78-167700 AACR 2  Genealogies by the Library of Congress since 1986 Section I
Available on LDS Films:

 Vol. 1
                   FHL US/CAN Film
                   1320650 Item 5
  Vol. 2
                   FHL US/CAN Film
                   1035613 Item 2
  Vol. 3
                   FHL US/CAN Film
                   1036334 Item 4
  Vol. 4
                   FHL US/CAN Film
                   1035613 Item 3
  Vol. 5
                   FHL US/CAN Film
                   1035613 Item 4
  Vol. 6
                   FHL US/CAN Film
                   1320865 Item 3

Format: Books/Monographs (With Film) Language: English Publication:
Cedar Rapids, Iowa : A.J. Aldrich, c1971-c1982 (Decorah, Iowa :
Anundsen Publishing) Physical: 6 v. : ill., coat of arms, facsims.,
maps, ports.

The Aldrich Family Genealogy by Ralph E. & Pearl L. Aldrich Ralph E. (1902-1984) - - Pearl L. (1903 _ 1991).

Bibliography at the Aldrich Family Genealogy Page.

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Notes, Questions, Errata
Our Aldriches in the 1778 Census
See this recap of our Aldriches in the 1778 censuses taken by the British
Identity of Wives?

Looking for any info re the evidence for the identity of, parents, ancestry, origins of the wives of this Aldrich line:

 1   George Aldrich 1605 - 1683
..  +Katherine Seald 1610 - 1691
 2   Peter Aldrich 1648 - 1692
..  +Mehitable Swezey 1657 - 1692
        I have Mehitable's Family Info - if interested, drop me a line.
 3   Jacob Aldrich 1686 - 1746
..  +Bethiah (____) 1690 - 1761
 4   Jacob Aldrich 1722 - 1806
..  +Mary Sandiforth 1718 - 1800
 5   Jacob Aldrich 1755 - 1840 > Pension app rejected
..  +Mary Owen 1758 - 1800
 6   Jacob Aldrich 1787 - 1829 > Died in Pennsylvania
..  +Mary 'Polly' [Youngs?] 1791 - 1864
            Need more to confirm her identity
 7   John Youngs Aldrich 1810 - 1874 > Apparently came back to LI fr Penn
..  +Eleanor Wells 1810 - 1862
Mary & Rachel Aldrich > Zerubabel & Richard Hallock
I'd like to float a theory that two daughters named in the will of
Jacob Aldrich in 1806, Mary & Rachel, with no last names, were, respectively, the wives of brothers Zerubabel & Richard Hallock, b 1744 and 1746:

1) Salmon Records has a marriage record for Zerubabel Hallock and Mary
Aldrich, Nov 05, 1767. This Mary Aldrich has apparently gone
unnoticed, or unaccounted for, heretofore in the compiled Aldrich

2) The Hallock Genealogy reports that Richard Hallock's wife's name
was Rachel (__), birth year estimated 1747 (presumably from
headstone). Mary Aldrich's birthdate also estimated 1747. Jacob
Aldrich married Mary Sandiforth, Aug 19, 1747, in Mattituck, Long

3) All four of these people buried Mattituck Parish Burying ground.

4) Zerubabel had son named Jacob Hallock. Richard had a grandson named
Jacob Hallock.

There is no doubt these families were neighbors and knew each other. The names, dates and places all work. All we need is a "smoking gun" piece to evidence to put it all together.

Other extraneous notes:

** One of Zerubabel's grandchildren, David Hallock, married Harriet
Aldrich, son of Jacob and Jemima Cleaves. If Zerubabel's wife, Mary
Aldrich, was the daughter of Jacob and Mary Sandiforth, these kids
would be first cousins.

** There are other miscellaneous cousin marriages downstream..

Additional info welcome... otherwise.. hope someone can add the "smoking
gun".... to confirm or refute...

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Subsequent Generations

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Children and Grandchildren

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Kansas Pioneers Lineage
 Direct Descendants of George Aldrich

 1   George Aldrich 1605 - 1683 b in Derbyshire, England
....  +Katherine Seald 1610 - 1691 b in Derbyshire, England
 2   Peter Aldrich 1648 - 1692 b in Braintree, Norfolk, Mass
......  +Mehitable Swezey 1657 - 1692 b in Southold, Long Island, New York
... 3   Jacob Aldrich 1686 - 1746 b in Southold, Long Island, New York
.........  +Bethiah (___) 1690 - 1760 b in Poss Long Island, New York
..... 4   Jacob Aldrich 1723 - 1806 b in Aquebogue, Southold, Long Island, New York
...........  +Mary Sandiforth 1724 - 1761 b in Prob Long Island, New York
........ 5   Jacob Aldrich 1755 - 1840 b in Mattituck, Long Island, New York
..............  +Mary Owen 1757 - 1800 b in Wading River, Riverhead, Long Island, New York
........... 6   Jacob Aldrich 1787 - 1829 b in Mattituck, Long Island, New York
.................  +Mary 'Polly' [Youngs?] 1784 - 1864 b in Riverhead, Long Island, New York
............. 7   John Youngs Aldrich 1810 - 1874 b in Mattituck, Long Island, New York
...................  +Eleanor Wells 1810 - 1862 b in LI, New York or Penn ?
................ 8   Mary Jane Aldrich 1836 - 1862 b in Mattituck, Long Island, New York
......................  +John Kasar Hallock 1831 - 1875 b in West Mattituck, Long Island, New York
.................. 9   Morris Wells Hallock 1858 - 1941 b in West Mattituck, Long Island, New York
........................  +Harriet Loetta Pollock 1865 - 1936 b in Richland Co, Ohio
..................... 10   Inez Evangeline Hallock 1886 - 1976 b in Near Milo, Lincoln Co, Kans
...........................  +Arthur Willis Baldwin 1876 - 1961 b in Near Ada, Fountain Twp, Ottawa Co, Kans

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