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Milliron - Milliren - Millirons - Millison - Muhleisen And Similar Names

General Information


Origin of the Name

Millirons and other variations of the name are Americanization of the German surname Muhleisen or Muhleysen. Muhle is Mill in English. Eisen is Iron in English, thus Muhleisen becomes Milliron. Therefore, derived from an occupation involving iron, possibly working in an iron smelter or ironworks. It is suspected that people with these German original names have adopted:

Milliron (singular), Millirons, Milliren, Millison, Milleson, as well as Milleyse, Milleybe, Milleysin, Melysey, Muehleissen, and other possible variations.

The American Millirons and Variations

One line that I know have traced their line back to Germany. Due to the nature of the lines I have observed on FTM cd's and the queries I have received, I believe there are three primary lines of this name in the United States, possibly indicating three immigrant ancestors. Although it's possible that even those three are tied together, and of course, those descendants would only be early-on male descendants of the immigrant, in order for us to see the name. All other queries and lines I've seen are very abbreviated, only 2-3 generations or so, an indication that most of these "loose" Millirons, or name variations, may tie into one of the three main lines I have observed.

The three main lines I've observed are:


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