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Notable Tracy Kin 

Winston Churchill
Bing Crosby
Silas Deane
Ulysses S. Grant
Laura (Ingalls) Wilder
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Winston Churchill - Leader of England During World War II

The Tracy line of descent to Winston Churchill is:

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Bing Crosby - Crooner Extraordinaire!

The line of descent from Stephen and Tryphosa (Lee) Tracy to Bing Crosby is:

Source: Gen 3-11, Notable Kin, Vol II, Roberts, 1999
Some dates are estimated.

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Silas Deane - Master Spy - Revolutionary War Hero... or Traitor? Top of Page

Ulysses S. Grant - Civil War General and President
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Laura (Ingalls) Wilder - Author of "Little House on the Prairie"

The above line of descent is from Notable Kin 2, by Gary Boyd Roberts. I have received an e-mail claiming this line of descent is wrong and that the above 7-Margaret Delano was daughter of Jonathan Delano, b 1735, son of Jabez Delano, brother of the 6-Jonathan Delano above. Further, this assertion is that the above Jonathan-6 Delano above married Susannah West and had no known male children. If this is true, it would add a generation to the above - but still leave Laura Ingalls Wilder as a Tracy/Partridge descendant.  This e-mail cited no specific sources, but referred to an emminent New England genealogist as having made this discovery. Further information is invited.


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