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Partridge / Seabury / Tracy

 Heritage and History

Note: These are my Duxbury, Plymouth Colony ancestors. It is kind of hard to give individual link pages without a lot of duplication for these folks, so I've combined them onto this page.

The Biography of Stephen and Tryphosa (Lee) Tracy.

The Partridge Family Center - The Ultimate Partridge Page for family and researchers - Deeds, Manuscripts, recent developments, and more!

The Genealogy Forum has:

Our ancestors were early inhabitants of Duxbury. Read about the history of the Plymouth Colony at  
One Branch of the Family is from Samuel West:  
Some of the family went on to Marthas' Vineyard: Spencer Tracy Born: April 5, 1900 Died: June 10, 1967: Photograph of his tombstone.

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Genealogy Pages with Partridges or Tracys
NOTE: You will find that a bunch of these pages will show Ralph and George Partridge as father and son. I have not been able to establish that relationship in my research. In fact, I have found it striking that historians and genealogists have mentioned both together in various historical contexts, but never once mentioned a relationship between the two. I have been in communication with Dennis Partridge, who has spent many hours researching the possibility of a relationship between the two, both in the United States and in English records. He has found nothing that puts the two together.

The Partridge Genealogical Data Base has thousands of Partridges in their database. They've got a search engine, and you can "explode" into descendant charts, or ancestral charts. Pretty neat database.

The Joiner Page has a bunch of Partridges in their Joiner Tree.

This transcription of the Survey of Descendants of Francis West is a literal transcription of a work on reported in NEGHR. Use Control F to find "Tracy" or "Partridge" in your browser, or go down to the first born son, Samuel. He married Tryphosa Partridge, a daughter of George and Sarah (Tracy) Partridge. Therefore, all these folks are cousins to us.

Cape Cod Genealogy - The Allen Genealogy

The Remmers Home Page

The Harry Hadaway Family Home Page

The Pete and Joan Country Place

The Ingersoll Page has a few Partridges for your viewing pleasure.

The Surname Registry lists a few pages also:

The Weeks Family Registry Page has excellent biographical material on the Hatch family for that branch of the George Partridge family (Elizabeth m James Allen > Amy married Joseph Hatch.)

If you don't find your Partridge or Tracy in that old Pear tree above, you can always try Gendex - 6,000 Partridges there at last count. Many are pre-1800, meaning tens of thousands of descendants from these 6,000 listings.
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