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The Henry Baldwin Mansion
of Woburn, Massachusetts
Researchers: Barbara, Joyce, Kathy, Norris, Terry

Built in 1661, A Restaurant Today!

The Baldwin Mansion was built in 1661 by Henry Baldwin, early immigrant to Woburn, Massachusetts from England. It was moved from its original site in North Woburn to 2 Alfred Street, Woburn, Massachusetts in this century. It currently houses a restaurant, the name of which is aptly: Baldwin's. Following is a history of that home:

"Among the old houses of Woburn now standing, the first in prominence and age is the Baldwin mansion, in the north village, or ward, of the city. Built in 1661, it is still one of the most imposing houses in Woburn, and is palatial in its dimensions. During its existence it (has) passed through through some changes and occasional improvements, and has been owned by one family for six generations.

From memoranda written by members of the Baldwin family in a copy of John Farmer's "Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England", the following facts regarding the history of this house are found, written mostly about the year 1835.

'Henry Baldwin's will is dated, say 1697; the house in Woburn was built in 1661, as appears by the date on a timber in the kitchen chimney, sawed off by B. F. Baldwin, when the fireplace was altered to put in a boiler - the piece with the date on it it lying about the house in 1835. This house had therefore been owned by Henry Baldwin from 1661 to Henry Baldwin, son of the above; Henry Baldwin (the son) went to New Hampshire. James Baldwin succeeded Henry as owner. Loammi Baldwin, son of James, to 1807; he put on a 3rd story, in 1802 or 1803. Benjamin F. Baldwin, from 1807 to 1822; Loammi, Mary, and Clarissa Baldwin, from 1822 to 1836. George R. Baldwin from 1836 to November, 1887 (or to his death, October 11, 1888.)'
Source; Historic Homes and Places; and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs, Relating to the Families of Middlesex County, Massachusetts; William Richard Cutter, A. M. Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1908, Pg. xx.

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