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The Will of Immigrant Matthias Corwin

Will of Matthias Corwin - 1658
1655 List of Property
Inventory of Estate of Matthias Corwin - 1658

Will of Matthias Corwin

From the Corwin Genealogy, Edward Tanjore Corwin, Millstone, New Jersey, 1872, pp 161-2

         (Southold Records, Lib. B, p. 11, on new Book, Lib. B, p. 127.)

         His will, as recorded in the Southold town records, is yet preserved. The following extracts
         from the New-Haven records are found, referring to this will:

         "A writing was presented, for the last will and testament of Matthias Curwin, but returned for
         legal probate. An inventory of the estate of said Matthias Curwin was presented, taken 15th
         of the seventh month, (1658,) by William Purrier and Charles Glover, amounting to 313
         8d. That the appraisement was just, was witnessed upon by the above appraisers before

                                                         "BARNABAS HORTON."
                            (Extract from Hoadley's Recs. New-Haven, vol. ii. 35.)

         On p. 400, he adds, "The last will and testament of Matthias Curwin, late of Southold, was
         presented, subscribed by John Underhill, and deposed by Barnabas Horton, at the Court,
         March 5th, 1660. Before William Wells, John Youngs."

         The original will may possibly yet exist in the New-Haven archives. The following is a copy:

                                                 "SOUTHOLD, August 31, 1658.
         "The last will & testament of me, Mathias Curwin, beinge in perfect memorie, do, in the
         name of our Lord God, & all men, comit my soule to God, & my bodie to the dust from
         whence it came. My will is, that my wife, Margarett Curwin, & my sonn, John Curwin, shall
         be my true & lawfull executors to administer upon my present estate as followeth: Item: I
         give to my Daughter, Martha, twentie pounds sterlinge, and over and above such goods my
         wife shall buy for her in the bay (?) It.: I give unto my sonn, Theophilus, 20 lbs. sterlinge, to
         bee payed to them when they shall leave their mother, accordinge to the law and custome of
         this Colonie. It.:

         The remainder of my estate I give to my wife and son, John, equally betwixt them untill my
         wife marrie. But in case shee shall marrie, then my son, John, is to pay unto her 40 lbs.
         sterlinge uppon the day of her marriage. And this, my will and testiment, to stand in full force
         & power after my decease.

         "In presence of John Underhill, Barnabas Horton.

                                                        "MATHIAS CURWIN."
                                     (Southold Town Records, Lib. B, p. 95.)

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1655 List of Property

From the Corwin Genealogy, Edward Tanjore Corwin, Millstone, New Jersey, 1872, pp 161-2

         "On December 5th, 1655, the property of Matthias Curwin is described as follows:

         (1.) House lot, 4 acres, with lot of Barnabas Horton on the west, and that of Thomas Z.
         Keryhes? on the east.

         (2.) 18 acres of woodland, toward the north sea, (L. I. Sound,) bounded north by lands of
         Henry Whitnie, formerly, (now Pastor Young's,) south by lands of Thomas Moore.

         (3.) 21 acres of woodland, toward the north sea, behind, bounded by Mr. Wells's (formerly
         Thomas Peakin's) lands east, and Mr. Hubbard's west.

         (4.) 6 acres of woodland in the neck, near Tom's Creek Head; lands of Philemon Dickinson,
         north, and John Hubbard s, south.

         (7.) 2 acres of meadow at the head of Tom's Creek.

         (8.) 15 acres of woodland, adjoining the meadow of John Tucker and John Herbert; lands
         of Purrier, west, and of Henry Whitnie, east.

         (9.) 3 acres of meadow, by Tom's Creek Pond; the meadow of Pastor Young's, north, and
         of Lieutenant Budd, south.

         (10.) 1 1/2 acres of arable land, in the old field, between lands of Joseph Horton, south, and
         John Tucker, north-west.

         (11.) 2 acres of meadow, at Goose Neck, adjoining Pine Neck; the meadow of Henry and
         John Scudder, (now Mr. Elton's,) lying north.

         (12.) 1 acre of meadow, on north-east side of Hog Neck, Mr. Wells's meadow, (formerly
         Edward Ketchum's,) lying north-east.

         (13.) 3 acres of woodland in the Calves Neck.

         (14.) 4 1/2 acres of meadow, in Oyster Pond meadows, near to the south
         end of the hedge, about the tobacco houses. (His son John exchanged this with Gideon
         Youngs for a meadow lot, containing six acres, having lands of Charles Glover on the east,
         and the meadow of Thomas Moore, Sr., (formerly John Tuthill's,) on the west.)

         (15.) A third lot of meadow at Accoboack; Jer. Vail's meadow, lying north, and Abr.
         Whitehares, south-west.

         (16.) A third lot of meadow at Corchacke, lying on the west side of the old fields, and
         extending from the head of the meadow to the sea, containing 3 acres; Joseph Horton's
         meadow lying west.

         (17.) A fourth lot of meadow, on south side of Pechaconnicke River, containing 8 acres;
         Thomas Mapes's meadow, (formerly John Paine's,) west, and John Elton's, north.

         (18.) 200 acres of woodland at Corchack; John Elton's land, east, and William Wells, west.

         (19.) 40 acres of woodland at Corchacke; Richard Benjamin's land, north, and John Budd's
         meadow, south, and lying partly inclosed in said woodland."

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Inventory of his estate:

From the Corwin Genealogy, Edward Tanjore Corwin, Millstone, New Jersey, 1872, pp 161-2

         An inventory of the estate of the said Mathias Curwin, lately deceased.

                                                                  s. d.
          Impris. Houses and lands with th' appertencs,
                                                                  50 00 00
          It. Neate cattle,
                                                                  97 00 00
          It. In horse flesh,
                                                                  20 00 00
          It. Sheepe kinde,
                                                                  23 16 00
          It. In goats & swyne,
                                                                  14 00 00
          It. Cart, plow, with all furniture,
                                                                  05 17 00
          It. Working tools, with other things,
                                                                  06 14 00
          It. Corne & hay,
                                                                  29 00 00
          It. Bedsteads & beddinge,
                                                                  19 17 00
          It. The man's wareinge & tools, & lynnen,
                                                                  09 16 00
          It. Arme's wooll & some cheese,
                                                                  16 13 06
          It. Pewter, brasse, & other trumpery,
                                                                  15 18 00

                 Apprisers:                  BARNABAS HORTON,|
                                             WILLIAM PURRIER,|Sworn.
                                             CHARLES GLOVER.|
         (Immediately preceding this will on the town book, p. 92, is copied, "September 15th,
         1658," the inventory of the estate of Joseph Youngs, mariner; and following it, p. 97,
         Thomas Cooper's will, "15th September, 1658," and p. 98, his inventory, "January 20th,

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