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The Long Island
Aldrich Family 
in the 1778 Census 

The Census Entries
Mattituck, Aquebogue, and Wading River


During the English occupation, various "enumerations" were done by the English.

I think all originals are in Albany. Some transcriptions of these enumerations I have found (different enumerations):

Hoff, LI Source Records, pp 297-302 Alpha list with occupation

NGS Quarterly, FTM CD - Vol not given, pp 276-283 Several lists, usually with number in household

Hoff, LI Source Records, pp600-605 Absentee Patriots from British-Occupied Suffolk Co Lists absent owner and present occupant of land parcels

There is also a list, which I have not seen:

NYGBR 104:225-230
Then, there is Mather's "Refugees of 1776 from Long Island", which doesn't have any Aldrich in its primary name entries.

A review of these records indicate the Long Island Aldriches that we are aware of from Jacob-3 Aldrich were neither Patriots nor Loyalists, but living their lives during the Revolution. There is a Revolutionary War pension app for Jacob which was rejected because of failure to provide details of service. Otherwise, Mather does not account for them as refugees, they are not on the list of absentee owners, and it appears that most of them are accounted for on the Island during the occupation. Since they were not chased "out of Dodge" after the Revolution, it can probably also be concluded they were not Loyalists.

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The Census Entries

The LI Source Records, Alpha list with occupation, gives no Aldrich.

The NGS Quarterly, various lists in 1778, gives:

Aquebogue - 08/22/1778
 Aldrich: Stephen, 10

Mattituck - 08/25/1778
 Aldrich: Daniel, 6; Gashom (Gershom), 6, Jacob 6

Wading River - 08/22/1778
 Aldridge: Enos, 2; Gershom 4

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Mattituck, Aquebogue, and Wading River

Mattituck, in current maps, is the far eastern end of Southold.

To the east of Mattituck is the current town of Riverhead.  The Aquebogue of 1778 probably comprised the whole western section of Riverhead, now comprising Northville, Aquebogue, and Jamesport. Thus, Aquebogue, in 1778, was a direct neighbor to the East of Mattituck.

Wading River, on current maps, is way over on the far eastern (and northern) side of Riverhead.

Mapquest gives the current day driving distance from Mattituck to Wading River to be: 18.8 miles.

In post-1850 censuses, one can see various Aldrich families very close to the Howells and Hallocks who were still on their original family homesteads in Mattituck. I would think It likely these Aldrich lands were also original lands of the Aldriches, possibly even the land that John Swezey left to Peter-2 Aldrich. At the time that John Swezey left this land to Peter-2 Aldrich, the Hallocks and Howell homesteads were considered the "frontier" of Southold, as it "moved" east.

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The 1746 will of Jacob-3 Aldrich provided: "I leave to my sons, Peter, Gershom, Jacob, Daniel, and Stephen, all my houses and lands and buildings...."

All of these names are thus accounted for as follows:

Per the AFG, the Stephen in Aquebogue should be the Stephen-4, son of Jacob-3, who died Jul 07, 1800 in Mattituck Parish Death Records.

The Daniel and Jacob in Mattituck also match up to be sons-4 of Jacob-3.

The Gershom in Mattituck matches Gershom-5, said by the AFG to be the son of the Gershom-4 who drowned in 1750. His second wife, Catherine Fanning, and baptisms in Mattituck attributed to him before 1778, are Gershom, James, Hannah, and Mary. This gives 6, the number in the census.

The Enos and Gershom in Wading River match the names of the sons of Peter-4, whose 1775 will named those two sons. The number of 2 for Enos would come from his marriage just a few months before the census, on Dec 16, 1777, to Deborah Benjamin. If the Gershom here is the Gershom who married Phebe Homan, in Jul 14, 1777, the four members of that household could be: the grandson Peter named in Peter-4's will -from a prior wife of Gershom; then current wife Phebe Homan, and a child, from either the prior marriage or from Phebe Homan.

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