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Williams Notables

Alcott, Louisa May Author
Appleton, Frances Wife of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Huntington, Jabez Williams US Senator, 1840-47
McClellan, General George Civil War General - Union Army
Napoleon Susan May Williams married Napoleon's great nephew. See this page illustrating this interesting connection
Spencer, Lady Diana See how it is that many Williams descendants claim cousin relationship to Princess Diana through marriages two Parke and one Wise marriages.
Warren, General Joseph Revolutionary war hero and martyr, killed early in war at Bunker Hill.
Whitney, Eli Inventor of the Cotton Gin, progenitor of the interchangeable parts and the industrial revolution.
Williams, William Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur The originators of heavier-than-air-powered flight

Louisa May Alcott
Author of "Little Women"

Louisa May Alcott is a cousin of ours through our Williams line (she is a cousin of Princess Diana, as well): Source: Notable Kin, 1998, Gary Boyd Roberts, p 202

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Frances Appleton
Wife of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Poet

The Williams lineage of Frances Appleton follows. She died a tragic death. Her dress caught fire from candle drippings and she died from the burns so suffered. Her famous husband, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, is related to me via John Lathrop - See Longfellow's Lathrop line.

Frances is part of an interesting network of Appleton connections. Her first cousin, Samuel Appleton, married a daughter of Daniel Webster. A daughter from that marriage married a xg-nephew of Napoleon. (That nephew was also of Robert Williams descent.) A second cousin, Jean Means Appleton, married President Franklin Pierce. See the William-Napoleon Connection Page for more.

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Jabez Williams Huntington - US Senator
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General George McClellan - Civil War
  Source: Notable Kin, 1998, Gary Boyd Roberts, p 222

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Princess Diana Spencer Connection
A sizable chunk of Williams descendants can claim cousinhood to Princess Diana because they will share Parke ancestry with Princess Diana.
General Joseph Warren
The Williams lineage of Revolutionary War General and martyr killed at Bunker Hill, Joseph Warren: Top of Page

Eli Whitney
Inventor of the Cotton Gin, Progenitor of Interchangeable Parts and the Industrial Revolution
See the Eli Whitney Page. Following is his line of descent from Robert Williams. Top of Page

William Williams
Signer of Declaration of Independence 
"We cannot believe," wrote William Williams, of Lebanon....
"that they will draw the sword on their own children; but, 
if they do, our blood is more at their service than our liberties."
Book First -- The Confederation  
Chapter 1 A Retrospect, Early Movements Toward Union  

On the eleventh of November able representatives from each of the four New England states and New York -- John T. Gilman of New Hampshire, Thomas Cushing, Azor Orne, and George Partridge of Massachusetts, William Bradford of Rhode Island, Eliphalet Dyer and William Williams of Connecticut, John Sloss Hobart and Egbert Benson of New York -- assembled at Hartford. The lead in the convention was taken by the delegates from New York, Hobart, a judge of its supreme court, and Benson, its attorney-general. At their instance it was proposed, as a foundation for a safe system of finance, to provide by taxes or duties a certain and inalienable revenue, to discharge the interest on any funded part of the public debt, and on future loans. As it had proved impossible to get at the valuation of lands, congress should be empowered to apportion taxes on the states according to their number of inhabitants, black as well as white. They then prepared a circular letter to all the states, in which they said:  

 "Our embarrassments arise from a defect in the present government of the United States. All government supposes the power of coercion; this power, however, never did exist in the general government of the continent, or has never been exercised. Under these circumstances, the resources and force of the country can never be properly united and drawn forth. The states individually considered, while they endeavor to retain too much of their independence, may finally lose the whole. By the expulsion of the enemy we may be emancipated from the tyranny of Great Britain; we shall, however, be without a solid hope of peace and freedom unless we are properly cemented among ourselves."  
History of the United States by George Bancroft (6 Volumes)  
Eliphalet Dyer - Link

This is the Williams lineage of William Willams, signer of the Declaration of Independence:
         1   Robert Williams 1608 - 1693 
        ..  +Elizabeth Stalham 1602 - 1674 
        . 2   Isaac Williams 1638 - 1708 
        .....  +Martha Parke 1642 - 1675 
        .... 3   William Williams 1670 - 
        ........  +Christian Stoddard 1670 - 
        ........ 4   Solomon Williams 1700 - 
        ............  +Mary Porter 1700 - 
        ........... 5   William Williams 1731 - 1811 
        ...............  +Mary Trumbull 1745 - 1831
Lineage is from: P 141, Notable Kin, Vol 1, Gary Boyd Roberts, 1998.
His sources are further delineated in the book.


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The Wright Brothers - Orville and Wilbur
Following is the Williams lineage for the Wright brothers, inventors of motorized, heavier-than-air flight: Read:
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