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Spencer Sources and Resources"

"The Spencers of the Great Migration,  1997, by Jack Taif Spencer and Edith Woolley Spencer.

"The Great Migration Begins" by Robert Charles Anderson, 1995. Very detailed and documented biographies of both William and Thomas Spencer, as well as Elizabeth's husband, Timothy Tomlins, are presented in this reference. This work is the definitive research work on any immigrant who can be documented to be in New England by the end of 1633. The fact that Michael and Gerard are excluded means there is no documentation they were in the colonies before the end of 1633. The book is not clear on whether Elizabeth and Timothy Tomlins were married by the end of 1633, or if she was in America by then.

The American Genealogist, Volumes 27-32. During the 1950's, Donald Lines Jacobus, Mrs. William C. Clark, and Clarence Almon Torrey compiled a set of articles over a six year period that gave the complete genealogy of the Spencers, as was known at the time, based on several researchers work. This was somewhat complete through the fourth generation, with pieces of the fifth and sixth generations, with articles on the English ancestry and the Whitbread genealogy. The articles, with starting page only, are: 27:79, 27:161, 28:56, 28:108, 28:256, 29:50, 29:120, 29:174, 30:48, 30:242, and the final article, on the Whitbread English ancestry, at 32:129. Together there are well over 100 pages of text here.

The American Genealogist, Volumes 27-32 Spencer Articles - On-Line

The American Genealogist, Vol 41, No 2, 1965, Pg 109-110, George E. McCracken.  This article displays reasoning that was sufficient to have at least convinced Robert Charles Anderson (TGMB) that the wife of Timothy Tomlins was Elizabeth Spencer, sister of the Spencer brothers, making five the number of Spencer siblings settling in the New World. The primary evidence is reference to a niece, Elizabeth Tomlins, in the will of Richard Spencer, her uncle, probated 1646. Then, further reference to work that there can be no other Elizabeth eligible to be her, but Elizabeth (Spencer) Tomlins. That, plus the fact Timothy Tomlins lived in the same town (Lynn) as two of the Spencer brothers (Timothy and Gerrard) convinces the author that Elizabeth Spencer was the wife of Timothy Tomlins.

Ancestors of American Presidents, Gary Boyd Roberts, 1995. This shows the lines of the three presidents who are descendants of our English Spencer ancestors. See particularly pg 239.

A Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records, Charles William Manwaring, 1994, has the wills of immigrants Gerard and Thomas, as well as Gerard's son John.

Genealogical Notes of Some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts, Nathaniel Goodwin, 1969, has descendant register reports for Gerard, Thomas, and William. (The 1969 may be a reprint date, not original date.) It makes no reference to the TAG series of register reports of the Spencers, suggesting to me that is a reprint date and it predates the 1950 series in TAG; i.e., I believe the TAG series to be more current. But, I'm not sure.

Families of Early Hartford, Lucius Barnes Barbour, 1982, has some genealogical descendant reports on the Spencer brothers. Again, I'm not sure if this is a reprint date and this data actually pre-dates, or supersedes, any information in the 1950 series of TAG articles. I suspect this is a reprint and and pre-dates the 1950 series of TAG articles.

"A Study of Spencers", compiled by Karen Spencer, 1981. I have not seen this work, but have seen citations to it. Includes English ancestries updates.

A series begun January 1983 in le Despencer, Newsletter of the Spencer Family Association, by Flora Spencer Clark, reportedly includes the final 3 English generations as proved.

"The Genealogy of the Brainard-Brainerd Family of America, 1649-1908", by Lucy Abigail Brainard, and published in 1908 by the Hartford Press (three volume set). This set includes the descendants of Daniel and Hannah (Spencer) Brainerd and their seven sons, Daniel, James, Joshua, William, Caleb, Elijah, and Hezekiah. Hannah was a daughter of Gerrard Spencer.

Bibliography from Haddam, CT web page. Contains a listing of various sources for Haddam, Middlesex Co, and Connecticut in general.

For the Brainerd branch.. this is about as expensive genealogy book as I've seen, available at the NEHGS web site:


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