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Will of Lawrence Southwick 


         I, Lawrence Sethick, late of Salem in New England, now being at the house of Nathaniel Silvester, on Shelter Island, being weake in body but of sound mind and memory, do make and ordayne this my last will and testament, tenth day of fifth month, 1659.

         I first give and bequeath unto my sonne Daniel Sethick my dwelling house at Salem, with all the houses, orchards, gardens and appurtenances; and Gyle's lot, provided that John Burnell shall have a house lott on the ground at the further end of the orchard newly fenct in.

         Item. My will is that the lott which I had of Josiah Sethick shall return to him again.

         Item. I give unto John Sethick the lott next to his owne.

         Item. My will is that the great meadow which lyes at Ipswich River, fenct in, shall be divided Daniel Sethick and John Burnell equally.

         Item. I give unto Samuel Burton forty shillings.

         Item. I give unto John Burnell, if he stand faithful in the truth, two young steers and the first mare foal.

         Item. I give unto Henry Traske Marshall's lott joining to his orchard, provided that Daniel may have liberty to mow a load of hay every year thereon.

         Item. I give unto Mary Traske my daughter, wife of Henry Traske, ten pounds sterling.

         Item. I give unto Deborah Sethwick and young Josiah, each of them fifty shillings sterling.

         Item. I give unto Ann Potter forty shillings, in she thinks beneficial for her.

         Item. I give unto Mary Traske, daughter to Henry Traske, one good serge suit of clothes; and unto Sarah and Hannah each of them a suit of clothes.

         I give and bequeath unto Samuel and Sarah, John Sethick's children, to each of them thirty shillings sterling.

         Furthermore my will is that Daniel my sonne, and Provided my daughter, shall possess and enjoy all that which remains of my estate after debts and legacies paid, and my will above mentioned fulfilled, equally to be divided between them so that Daniel may have that part which belongs to husbandry.

         Lastly my will is that in case my wife survives me shee shall be my executrix and keep all possessions during her life, and after her decease my will to be performed according as above expressed; and I do ordayne William Robinson and Thomas Gardner to be overseers of this my last will and testament, signed and sealed by me the day and year above written with my hand and seal following.

         In presence of

         NATHANIEL SILVESTER,        signed by
         This will was allowed by the court 29, 9 mo., 1660.

                                  HILLARD VEREN, Clericus.

Source: Descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick of Salem, Massachusetts, Pg 66

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