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Notable Richardson Kin

Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman
Elias Howe - Inventor of the Sewing Machine
William Adams Richardson

Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman - Planted Appletrees

The Richardson line of descent for Johnny Appleseed is:

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Elias Howe - Inventor of the Sewing Machine

Richardson > Howe line of descent:

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William Adams Richardson - Treasury Secretary under Grant, Court of Appeals Judge

William Adams Richardson was a descendant of Ezekiel Richardson.

"RICHARDSON, William Adams, cabinet officer, was born in Tyngsboro, Mass., Nov. 2, 1821; son of the Hon. Daniel  and Mary (Adams) Richardson, and a descendant of Ezekiel Richardson, the immigrant, 1630.

He attended Groton academy, and was graduated from Harvard, A.B., 1843, A.M., 1846; studied law with his brother Daniel in Lowell, Mass.;  was graduated at the Harvard Law school, 1846; was admitted to the bar at Boston, Mass., July 8, 1848, and began  practice in partnership with his brother.

He was married in 1849 to Anna M. Marston of Machinasport, Maine.

He was  associated with Judge Joel Parker in the revision of the general statutes of Massachusetts. 185059; was judge of the  probate court for Middlesex county, Mass., 185658; judge of probate and insolvency courts for Middlesex county,  185872; declined a commission as judge of the superior court of Massachusetts in April, 1869, to accept the assistant  secretaryship of the U.S. treasury, from President Grant, and on March 17, 1873, succeeded Mr. Boutwell as secretary of  the treasury. During his administration the Geneva award of $15,000,000 was transferred from London to Washington. He  resigned the treasurership in June, 1874, to accept a seat on the bench of the U.S. court of claims, and in 1885 he was  appointed by President Arthur, chief justice of the court. He formed a plan for enlarging the jurisdiction of the probate  courts, which was passed by the Massachusetts legislature; was a law lecturer at Georgetown college and at Columbian  university, and was an overseer of Harvard, 186375.

The honorary degree of LL.D. was conferred on him by Columbian  in 1873; by Georgetown in 1881; by Howard in 1882, and by Dartmouth in 1886. He is the author of: The Banking Laws  of Massachusetts (1855); Supplement to the General Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (186062);
Practical Information Concerning the Debt of the United States (1872); National Banking Laws (1872); and  prepared and edited: A Supplement to the Revised Statutes of the United States (1881); History of the Court of  Claims (188285). He died in Washington, D.C., Oct. 19, 1896."
Source: From the The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans

There is also a lengthy biography of William Adams Richardson in NEHGR 53:153-162

The Richardson lineage of William Adams Richardson is:


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