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Relationship of Baldwins to Princess Diana

Note: This is one theory for the genealogy of Princess Diana and the Spencer siblings. For more information and discussion about this chart, see Spencer Medieval Genealogy

Spencer Blood-Line
19 Princes William and Harry    
18  Princess Diana Spencer Prince Charles 1961 
17  Edward John Spencer Frances Roche 1924 
16  Albert Edward John Spencer Cynthia Hamilton 1892 
15  Charles Robert Spencer Margaret Baring 1857
14  Frederick Spencer Horatia Seymour 1798 
13  George John Spencer Lady Lavinia Bingham 1758 
12  John Spencer Margaret Georgina Poyntz 1734 
11  John Spencer Lady Georgina Scarteret 1708 
10  Charles Spencer Lady Ann Churchill 1674 
Robert Spencer Lady Ann Digby 1640 
Henry Spencer 
    Earl of Sunderland
Lady Dorothy Sidney 1620 
William Spencer Penelope Wriothesely 1591 
Sir Robert Spencer Margaret Willoughby 1570 
Sir John Spencer Mary Catlin Est 1545
Sir John Spencer 
    I think this is where the Althorp Spencers start
Catherine Kitson Est 1520
Sir William Spencer Susan Knightly Est 1495
Sir John Spencer Isabel Gaunt Est 1470
William Spencer Elizabeth Empson Est 1445
  Now, for the big jump - is this William Spencer the son of Henry and Isabella (Lincoln). Some don't make that "jump".    
Henry Spencer Isabella Lincoln Est 1420
Sir John Spencer Ann Empson Est 1445
Robert Spencer Anne Pecke Est 1465
John Spencer Christina Baker Est 1485
John Spencer Ann Gerrard Abt 1505
Michael Spencer Elizabeth _______ Abt 1530
Gerard Spencer Alice Whitbread 1576 
Gerrard Spencer Hannah Hills 1614 
Sarah Spencer Stephen Backus 1644 
Sarah Backus David Knight 1668 
10  Joseph Knight Sarah Read 1705 
11  Anna Knight Daniel Baldwin II 1735 
12  Elijah Baldwin Polly Richardson 1756 
13  Ezra Baldwin Lydia Eaton 1805 
14  Henry Gilbert Baldwin Eleanor Serepta Fisher 1836 
15  Arthur Baldwin Inez Evageline Hallock 1876 

Using this chart, Arthur Baldwin and Princess Diana would be 15th cousins, three times removed.

Their common ancestral couple is Henry and Isabella (Lincoln) Spencer. Henry lived from approximately 1420-1478. William and Sir John Spencer (See Generation 1 in both directions) were brothers and were sons of Henry and Isabella. Gerrard Spencer migrated to America during the Great Migration of Puritans to New England approximately 1634. He lived many years in Lynn, Massachusetts before moving to Hartford, CT, and then onto Haddam, Connecticut. He died in Haddam, Connecticut on June 29, 1685.

Ancestors of American Presidents show other descendants of Henry and Isabella (Lincoln) Spencer, to which we are also cousins, if, indeed we are descended from Henry of Northants,  include Sir Winston Churchill and American presidents: George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and George Bush.

Bibliography above the level of Gerrard Spencer and down to Princess Diana are: A Study of Spencers, compiled by Karen Spencer, 1981; A series of articles in le Despencer, Newsletter of the Spencer Family Association, by Flora Spencer  Clark; Ancestors of American Presidents, by Gary Boyd Roberts.

Research below the level of Gerrard has been partially performed by myself and also compiled by me from the work of Charles Candee Baldwin, Florence Baldwin, Evelyn Hallock, Doug Geist, and others.

A rather complete genealogy of Diane's side of the family is presented at The Descendants of William Spencer of Rodborne Page

See also the Althorp Spencers Page

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By Norris M. Taylor, Jr.

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