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Extracts of Old Town Records of Ipswich, Mass

Note: Dates are "Old Style" where the First day of the year was March 25.
Thus, Dec 10, 1642 is BEFORE Feb 10, 1642;
The Difference between Mar 24, 1641 and Mar 26, 1642 is only 2 days;
29th day of first month, 1642 is March 29, 1642, etc.

Year Mo / Day Page  
1641 24-Mar 90 Appearing on a list of: "such as are Commoners in Ipswich, viz: that have right to Comonage there: the last day of the last month, 1641 (old calendar would be Mar 24, 1641. John Whipple, Willm. Knolton, William Goodhugh, John Knolton, Henry Greene, Matthew Whipple, Theophilus Wilson
1642 4-Apr 77 Henry Green hath mortgaged to Daniell Denyson of Ipswich, his Dwelling house and lott, with the other buildings, fencings, rights, priviliges, and Comons thereunto belonging, situate and being in Ipswich aforesaid. The deed is dated 4th day of April, 1642, the condition for satisfaction is annually for 5 years ensuing the date aforesaid. Acknowledged before _______. Recorded the 12th of the 3rd month 1642, Mr. Simon Bradst. (Note: under the old calendar, the 3rd month was May.)
1642 29-Mar 83 Theophilus Wilson appears on a list of "tryall Jury".
1642 29-Mar 84 In a list of court cases: "Jo: Mowlton of Hampton yt agt Richard Knight De Plito Deb The def. Appeareth not."
1642 29-Mar 84 In a list of court cases, directly below the above entry: "Tho: Moulton yt agt Richard Knight De Plito Deb. The Def. Appeareth not."
1643 23-Feb 101 Theophilus Wilson and John Whipple are involved with others in some situation appearing to be where a road is supposed to be.
1643 25-Mar 97 Granted to John Whipple 8 acres absolutely…
1643 25-Mar 97 Granted to John Knolton and Thomas Knolton, 8 acres of ground that which William Whitred laid downe to the Towne, Mr. Tuttell and George Gidddings to see it laid out.
1643 27-Mar 97 (Signatories to an agreement about meeting houses includes): John Balch.
1648 19-Dec 123 Signatories to financial support for Major Denison for defense of the town include: John Whipple, Theophilus Wilson, Thos. Knolton, John Whipple, Jun; John Knolton, Willm Goodhue
1648 27-Feb 125 "The seven men chosen for this yeare. Major Denison, John Knolton, and five others. (Note, I don't know what they were chosen for, but it appeears to be selectmen.)

Notes: Don't know if any relationship of Henry Green here to William Green of Woburn, whose daughter married Thomas Knowlton, Jr.
Theophilus Wilson was probably the husband of Margery Wilson's sister.
Knowlton children married spouses with surnames: Whipple, Goodhue, Balch. Names not in bold were coincidental to the article and have no connection to the Knowltons (that I know of).

Source: "The Ancient Records of the Town of Ipswich, Vol 1 1634-1650, Edited and published by George A. Schofield, Chronicle Motor Press, Ipswich, Mass; 1899 (Note: this is a compilation of  early records of Ipswich appearing in the Ipswich Chronicle newspaper in a periodic format during the year of 1898.)

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