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Notable Goodrich's

Benjamin F. Goodrich Founder of B. F. Goodrich Tire and Rubber Co.
Chauncey Goodrich Congressman, Senator, Lt. Gov of Connecticut
Chauncey Allen Goodrich Son-in-law of Noah Webster, updated the Webster Dictionary
Elizur Goodrich Congressman, presidential appointee
Elizur Goodrich, Sr. Astronomer, clergyman
Grant Goodrich Prominent Judge in Chicago / Uncle of  B. F. Goodrich
Samuel Griswold Goodrich Noted author under pen name: Peter Parley
John Sherman Statesman
William Tecumseh Sherman Civil War General
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Benjamin F. Goodrich
Founder of B. F. Goodrich

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Chauncey Goodrich
Congressman, Senator, Lt. Governor of Connecticut
Son-in-law of Oliver Wolcott - Signer
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Chauncey Allen Goodrich
Son-in-law of Noah Webster
Updated Webster's Dictionary
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Elizur Goodrich
Congressman, Community Leader
See lineage under the sketch for Chauncey Allen Goodrich.

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Elizur Goodrich, Sr.
18th Century Astronomer, Clergyman
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Grant Goodrich
Prominent Lawyer and Judge - Early Chicago
Uncle of B. F. Goodrich

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Samuel Griswold Goodrich
Noted Author - Pen Name: Peter Parley
GOODRICH, Samuel Griswold, author, was born in Ridgefield, Conn., Aug. 19, 1793; brother of the Rev. Charles Augustus Goodrich.

He travelled abroad in 1823-24, and returned to the United States to become a book publisher in Hartford, Conn. He began the publication of historical, geographical and other school books and became in the same department a prolific writer. In 1828 he removed to Boston, Mass., and started The Token, which he edited till 1842. In that magazine Hawthorne's "Twice Told Tales" first appeared.

Mr. Goodrich was a member of the Massachusetts senate, 1838-39, edited Merry's Museum and Parley's Magazine, 1841-54; and was U.S. consul in Paris during President Fillmore's administration, 1851-55. While in Paris he arranged for the translation into French of his "Peter Parley series." Upon his return to the United States he made his home in New York city. He was the recipient of the honorary degree of M.A. from Williams in 1836 and from Yale in 1848. He is the author or editor of about 170 volumes, 116 of which were written under the pen name "Peter Parley." In his "Recollections of a Lifetime" (1856) he published a list and full account of his books, together with a list of spurious works claimed to have been written by him. This list of works occupies six pages and may be summed up as follows: miscellaneous works, including 14 volumes of The Token. 30 volumes; school books, 27 volumes; Peter Parley's Tales, 36 volumes; Parley's Historical Compends, 36 volumes; Parley's Miscellanies, 70 volumes. His last publication was Illustrated Natural History (2 vols., 1859).

He died in New York city, May 9, 1860.

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume IV

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John Sherman
Brother of General William Sherman

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William Tecumseh Sherman
Civil War General

William Goodrich Lineage to General William Tecumseh Sherman
       1   William 'The Elder' Goodrich 1613 - 1676
      ..  +Sarah Marvin 1617 - 1702
      . 2   Elizabeth Goodrich 1658 - 1698
      .....  +Robert Welles 1648 - 1714
      .... 3   Prudence Welles 1690 -
      ........  +Anthony Stoddard 1690 -
      ........ 4   Eliakim Stoddard 1720 -
      ............  +Joanna Curtis 1720 -
      ........... 5   Israel Stoddard 1750 -
      ...............  +Elizabeth Read 1750 -
      .............. 6   Elizabeth Stoddard 1780 -
      ..................  +Taylor Sherman 1780 -
      .................. 7   Charles Robert Sherman 1800 -
      ......................  +Mary Hoyt 1800 -
      ..................... 8   William Tecumseh Sherman 1820 - 1891
Source: Notable Kin, Vol 1, Gary Boyd Roberts, 1998, pg 222. Estimated dates added for intervening generations at 30 years per generation.

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