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Notable Cutters

Baldwin, Roger Sherman Defender of Amistad Passengers
Bush, George President of the United States
Hale, Nathan Hanged as Spy in Revolution - "I regret that I only have one life to give for my country"
Sherman, Roger - biography
Sherman, Roger - lineage
Signer of Declaration of Independence
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Roger Sherman Baldwin
Lawyer for the Amistad Passengers

Remember the young lawyer played by actor Matthew McConaughey in the Stephen Spielburg movie "Amistad"? He was a grandson of Roger Sherman, Signer.  And, now.. for the rest of his story...
"BALDWIN, Roger Sherman, statesman, was born at New Haven, Conn., Jan. 4, 1793, son of Simeon Baldwin, who was a direct descendant from one of the original New Haven settlers, and married a daughter of Roger Sherman, one of the signers of the declaration of independence. (** Note, this statement should be read that *Simeon Baldwin* married a daughter of Roger Sherman... then Roger Sherman Baldwin is a grandson of Roger Sherman. nmt **) 

Roger was graduated at Yale college with high honors in 1811, and after studying law in his father's office he took a course in the then famous law school conducted by Judges Reeve and Gould at Litchfield, Conn. After his admission to the bar in 1814, he commenced practice in New Haven and soon attracted attention by his brilliant successes. His wide knowledge of law and his thorough command of all the minutiæ of his cases were considered remarkable for so young a man.

He was associated with John Quincy Adams before the United States supreme court in 1839 in the defence of the slaves rescued from the ship Amistad by an American vessel, after the slaves had overpowered the Spanish crew and were drifting on the high seas, claimed by Spain, and his masterly conduct of the case, which Adams left almost entirely to him, won many encomiums of praise from bench and bar, including such authorities as Chancellor Kent.

In 1837 and 1838 he sat in the upper house of the Connecticut state legislature. In 1840 and 1841 he was a representative in the general assembly; in 1844 and 1845 was governor of the state, and from 1847 to 1851 was a United States senator appointed by the governor on the death of Senator J. W. Huntington, Nov. 1, 1847, and elected on the assembling of the state legislature, to fill the unexpired term ending March 4, 1851. He was a presidential elector-at-large in 1860, and voted for Abraham Lincoln for president and was appointed a delegate to the peace congress of 1861 by Governor Buckingham. He received the degree of LL.D. from Trinity college in 1844, and from Yale in 1845. He died at New Haven, Feb. 19, 1863."

    The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume I
"BALDWIN, Roger Sherman (son of Simeon Baldwin), a Senator from Connecticut; born in New Haven,  Conn., January 4, 1793; attended the common schools and the Hopkins Grammar School; was graduated  from Yale College in 1811; studied law in his father's office and in 1812 entered the Litchfield Law School;  was admitted to the bar in 1814 and commenced practice in New Haven, Conn.; member of the State senate  in 1837 and 1838; served in the State house of representatives in 1840 and 1841; Governor of Connecticut 1844-1846; appointed and subsequently elected as a Whig to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy  caused by the death of Jabez W. Huntington and served from November 11, 1847, to March 3, 1851;  presidential elector on the Republican ticket of Lincoln and Hamlin in 1860; member of the peace convention  held in Washington, D.C., in 1861 in an effort to devise means to prevent the impending war; died in New  Haven, Conn., February 19, 1863; interment in the Grove Street Cemetery."
    Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949, Biographies, page 809
Lineage: See Roger Sherman's material below for the Cutter > Sherman lineage of his wife.

See The Amistad Page Connecticut was the "home" of the Amistad affair that the Steven Spielburg movie was about.


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Nathan Hale
"I regret that I have but one life to give for my country!"


Roger Sherman
Signer of Declaration of Independence

"It is agreed by all historians that this compromise (the Connecticut Compromise), for which Mr. Sherman is solely responsible, saved the constitutional convention from breaking up without accomplishing anything and made possible a union of the states and a national government."

Cutter Lineage of Roger Sherman
         1   Samuel Cutter 1575 - 1640 
        ..  +Elizabeth Leatherhead 1575 - 1664 
        . 2   Isabella Cutter 1620 - 1679 
        .....  +Thomas Sweetman 1620 - 
        .... 3   Elizabeth Sweetman 1650 - 
        ........  +Benjamin Wellington 1650 - 
        ........ 4   Mehitable Wellington 1680 - 
        ............  +William Sherman 1680 - 
        ........... 5   Roger Sherman 1721 -
Source: Notable Kin, Vol 1, Gary Boyd Roberts, 1998. Note that he indicates Isabella is "probably" daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth. Further, he has question mark beside Samuel's first name and no maiden name for Elizabeth. Birth dates for intervening generations have been estimated by me based on 30 years between generations.

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