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The Role of
Ezekiel Richardson in the
Anne Hutchinson Affair

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Sequel: The Story or Anne Dyar and William Robinson - Hanged

"He (Ezekiel Richardson) was a follower of Anne Hutchinson and John Wheelwright  in the Antinomian Controversy of 1637, as were most of the members of the Boston church, and was one of the eighty or more persons who signed the Remonstrance in Mr. Wheelwright's favor, presented to the General Court on the ninth of March in that year. At the session of the General Court held in November following, he and several others desired that their names might be erased from that paper, which the Court had judged to be of seditious tendency. Thus acknowledging his fault, he was exempted from the censure inflicted by the court; in other words he was not disarmed, as were nearly all of the Remonstrants."
".... And after many speeches to and fro, at last she was so full as she could not contain, but vented her revelations; amongst which this was one, that she had it revealed to her that she should come into New England, and she should here be persecuted, and that God would ruin us and our posterity and the whole state for the same. So the court proceeded and banished her; but because it was winter, they committed her to a private house where she was well provided, and her own friends and the elders permitted to go to her, but none else. 

The court also ordered, that the rest, who had subscribed the petition, (and would not acknowledge their fault, and which near twenty of them did,) and some others, who had been chief stirrers in these contentions, etc, should be disarmed. This troubled some of them very much, especially because they were to bring them in themselves; but at last, when they saw no remedy, they obeyed."

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Sequel - the Story of Anne Dyar and William Robinson:

To show you how serious the Puritans were, here is the story of Anne Dyar and William Robinson, who were hanged for refusing to leave the colony when banished.

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