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Notes and Questions

John Holliock, passenger on 1635 Abigail

William Hallock, Captain of the Hornet and Wasp

Was the "Widow" Howell = Frances Paxton?

Did Abigail Hallock Marry Caleb Horton?

Who is Elizabeth Hallock md [__?__] Harrud, 1675??

Who in the World is Daniel Halleck?

John Holliock, Passenger in 1635 on Abigail
There is a passenger 148, named John Holliock (Halijak in Hotten's list), age 28, on the 1635 passenger list of the Abigail.

Relationship, if any, to either Edward Holyoke (of Mass) or William Hallock (of Long Island) unknown.

See the Abigail's passenger list.

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William Hallock, Captain in the Revolutionary Navy
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No Relationship  of our Howell's to Edward and Frances (Paxton) Howell
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Abigail-2 Hallock Did Not Marry Caleb-2 Horton
Abigail-2 Hallock, daughter of William Hallock, did not Marry Caleb-2 Horton.

The 1992 Hallock Addendum does a disservice by continuing to carry this erroneous link in its genealogy. Ancestors of American Presidents (in Benjamin Harrisons tfel), by Gary Boyd Roberts, also shows this woman as the mother of Caleb Horton, Jr - which is an error.

There is a marriage record of an Abigail Hallock to a Caleb Horton 23 Dec 1696 (Salmon Records), but this is after all of Caleb Horton's children have been born.

Caleb Horton mentions his wife, Esther, in his 1699 will. There is a death record for "Caleb Horton's wife" in the Salmon Records dated 7 Apr 1698. He could have married Abigail Hallock in 1696, she died in 1698, and he married Esther in 1698-9; but there were two other younger Caleb Horton's in Southold at that time. It could have just as easily been one of the other Caleb Horton's that she married, and one of the other Caleb Horton's wives who died in 1698. At any rate, she is still not the mother of his children. The identity of earlier wive(s) of Caleb Horton, who could have mothered his children, is simply not known - even her first name.

Other references dealing with this issue:

Vol 13, No 1, April 1992, Second Boat, entitled: "Caleb Horton (son of Barnabas) Could Not Have Married Abigail Hallock (Daughter of William)"
Note: one of the arguments in this article has to do with possible/probable ages of Abigail and the children. I have found nothing to indicate when Abigail may have been born and have doubts about this part of her argument. I do agree with the basic conclusion however: there are no records to identify the wife of Caleb Horton who mothered his children, and there is no evidence that even the 1696 marriage belongs to this couple, but, more likely,  to a later  generation.
"Descendants of Barnabas Horton", Banks McLauren, 1990, pp 181-183 and pg 323, makes the case that the Caleb Horton who married Abigail Hallock was Caleb-3, son of Jonathan-2 Horton.

Torrey, New England Marriages Prior to 1700, shows first wife of Caleb-2 Hallock unknown; and the Caleb Horton who married Abigail Hallock was born 1676, died 1706, age 30-1-14. This indicates Torrey was satisified this "traditional" marriage was rubbish, as well.


Who is Elizabeth Hallock md [__?__] Harrud, 1675 (Torrey) ??
Torrey shows that an Elizabeth Hallock md [__?__] Harrud, b 1675 (first born, or first event). Her names are not in brackets, indicating this marriage coming from a VR. No location given.

He then shows Elizabeth Hallock marrying Richard Howell (of Southold), b 1676, residence Southold, Long Island.

Torrey does not show these are the same woman (ie 1st marr, etc).

Confusion comes about since Richard Howell's second wife's name was Elizabeth. Earlier researchers simply may linked that name to one of William Hallock's daughters, named Elizabeth, knowing that William Hallock called Richard Howell son-in-law in a 1675 real estate deed. There is no evidence to support which of William Hallock's daughters married Richard Howell, if he is a "son-in-law" in the modern sense of the word.

The only link from William Hallock to Richard Howell is that real estate deed in 1675, when Richard Howell was likely married to an unknown wife, calling Richard Howell son-in-law. Son-in-law in those days meant either step-son or son-in-law as we use the term today. If the meaning was step-son, there is no evidence that Richard Howell ever married a Hallock lady. If the meaning was son-in-law as use the term today, it could have meant ANY of the Hallock daughters was his wife, as this woman died by 1685, (without our knowing her name) when Richard Howell married Elizabeth (____) Harrud, widow of John Harrud. Of course, it could mean both, ie a step-brother married a step-sister.

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