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The Richardson Brothers of Woburn, Mass

Ezekiel, Thomas, and Samuel
Researchers: Barbara, Joyce, Kathy, Norris, Terry

 Early Puritan Immigrants to
the Massachusetts Bay Colony - 1630

An Overview
 Where is Westmill, Hertfordshire, England?
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An Overview

A quote from one of the many biographies of the Richardson brothers says, "Ezekiel, Samuel, and Thomas Richardson, brothers, were the emigrant ancestors of a family remarkable for their numbers, their widely scattered homes, their virtue, and their intelligence. At least nine of their descendants bearing their name have been deacons in the church they assisted to organize... (and) a large number have been officers of churches elsewhere - in Winchester, and, far and wide, in the United States..... In the secular professions, also, many of this familiar old Woburn name have been found, and some of them have achieved a high and most honorable position. Old Woburn has, from the beginning, been largely indebted to the successive generations of this excellent family." The Three Richardsons, The Winchester Record, Vol II, No. 2, March, 1886, Pg 199.

Where is Westmill, Hertfordshire, England?

Westmill is a small village in Hertfordshire, and is just north of London. Look for St Albans in current maps and you'll be close. See The Origins section.

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