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Early Cooper New York Wills

Following are wills from Suffolk County, New York

New York Wills for Cooper: Abstracts of Wills Vol I 1665-1707

SEP 1663
Pg 52

Page 207.--ELLIS COOK, Southampton. Leaves to son John, when twenty-one, "if he
         behave himself well to his mother, and live civilly in conversations in the judgment of my
         friends, whom I appoint overseers of this my will, either my housing and land at Mecox or
         my housing and accommodations at the Towne, whichever may be meet in the judgment of
         my wife." Leaves to son Ellis "the other half of my land and accommodations after my wife's
         decease, if he be twenty-one." Leaves to his servant Thomas Stephens, one heifer at the end
         of his apprenticeship, if he carry himself as he ought in his place, during his term of service.
         Leaves to daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Martha each 30. Makes his wife Martha
         executor, and "my brothers John Cooper and Thomas Cooper, overseers." "And soe I
         comitt my Body in God's appointed time, to be decently buried in the Earth, from which it
         was first taken."

         Dated September 5, 1663. Witnesses, Henry Pierson, Thomas Dimon, George Harris.

         Page 208.--Inventory taken February 26, 167 8/9. The old House and Home close, about
         20 acres, 230. The Little close next to Arthur Howell's, 21. The two former Divisions,
         about 45 acres, 20. A 150 right of Commonage with 20 acres already laid out, 80.
         The land at the Towne, the Home lot, the land in the Plains and meadow, 100. Total
         amount, 1184, 10s. 10d.

         Proved at Court of Sessions in Southold in March last, and confirmed July 8, 1679. E.

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MAY 1670

Page 75.--JOHN WHITE, Southampton, L. I. Leaves to only son John all houses and
         lands. "If he die without issue then to my daughter Elizabeth. If she die without issue then to
         my wife Hannah, for life, and then to the eldest son of my brother James White. If he die
         without issue then one half to my two nephews, John Topping and Thomas Topping. The
         other half to be divided amongst my four youngest sisters" [not named]. Wife to have use of
         property till son comes of age. Makes wife Hannah executrix, and "my loving friends,
         Francis and Daniel Sayre, and my brother-in-law, Thomas Topping," overseers and guardian
         of children.

         Dated May 9, 1670. Witnesses, Thomas Cooper, Thomas Cooper, Jr.

         The execution of will was confirmed May 30, 1670, before us, Henry Pierson, John Jessop,
         Richard Howell, Isaac Halsey. "Thomas Topping, of Southampton, testifyes that the will is,
         and was, the very will of John White, deceased, and that hee, this deponent, wrote ye said
         will for him, and see him sign and seale ye same, as is also testifyed by ye other witnesses,
         July 1, 1670. Henry Pierson, Clerk of Court of Sessions."

         Inventory taken by John Howell, Henry Pierson, Edward Howell, John Jennings. House and
         50; allotment, 55.

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Pp 472

In the name of God, Amen. I, ALICE CRAB, of Oyster Bay, I leave to my daughter Lydia
         Horner, the shares of meadow, adjoining the meadow once of Nicholas Simkins, in the
         Town meadow. And two shares by the will of my brother-in-law Anthony
         Wright. I leave to my daughter Mary Andrews, and my grandchild Job Townsend, all my
         land and meadow at the South, and at the Plains, all which did belong to my brother
         Anthony Wright. I leave to my granddaughter Alice Townsend, one little iron pot and pewter
         plate. My negro man is to be free, but he is to pay 4 to Simon Cooper and James
         Townsend for the use of my grandson Job Townsend. I leave to my three sons, Gideon
         Wright, Jacob Wright, and Adam Wright 5 shillings each. I make my two sons in-law Samuel
         Andrews and Isaac Horner, executors.

         Dated 22 of 2nd month, 1685. Witnesses, John Dewsbury, Johanes Dewsbury, Simon
         Cooper. Proved at Court of Sessions, Jamaica, October 13, 1685.

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MAY 1690

Page 224.--SIMON COOPER, Oyster Bay. I, Simon Cooper, of Oyster Bay in Queens
         Co. upon Long Island, Chirugeon, being at this time weak in body but of a sound mind, do
         make and declare this to be my last will and testament. I leave to my son Robert Cooper 40
         shillings, having given him before all that I intend and resolve he should have of my estate. I
         leave to my son in law Edward White all my share of meadow at the South which Richard
         Harcut had the other half of. Leaves all the rest of his estate to his wife Mary for life, and
         then to his son Simon Cooper, and he is to pay to his sister, Mary White, 20, "and 10 to
         my grand son Simon," and to my grand child, Mary White, 10. Makes John Underhill of
         Matinecock, Richard Willis of Jericho, John Bowne of Flushing, and Wm. Richardson of
         Westchester, overseers.

         Dated 27 of 3d month, 1690. Witnesses, George Hutchinson, John Wollford, John
         Dewsbury, Jane Dewsbury.

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Pp 189-90

Page 271.--Major Richard Ingoldsby, Commander-in-Chief. To all, etc. Whereas the will of
         SIMON COOPER, of Oyster Bay, was proved on the 21 day of July last, at Fort Wm.
         Henry, before his Excellency Henry Slaughter, Esq., late Captain-General and Governor,
         Letters of administration are granted to his wife Mary, August 20, 1691.

Page 272.--[Upon this page is another copy of the will of SIMON COOPER. See Page

         Page 274.--Burlington, in the Province of West Jersey. George Hutchinson of this place,
         personally appeared before us, two of their Majesties Justices of the Peace, and upon his
         solemn attestation declared that he was present when the within SIMON COOPER signed,
         sealed, published and declared the within instrument to be his last will and testament, and
         that to the best of his knowledge he was of sound mind.

         Dated June 17, 1691. James Marshall, Richard Basnet.

         I, Edward Hunlock, Notary and Tabelion, and Public Notary of the General Free Assembly
         of the Province of West Jersey, dwelling at Wingamworth, near Burlington, do attest to all
         whom it may concern that James Marshall and Richard Bassnet are Justices of the Peace in
         their Majestie's Province of West Jersey. Jacob Dewsbury declares that he saw Simon
         Cooper sign and seal the within instrument as his will, etc. Before me,

                             Henry Slaughter, Governor.

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Pp 191-2

Page 288.--Inventory of the estate of SIMON COOPER, late of Oyster Bay upon Long
         Island, taken by us whose names are underwritten, the 22 day of the 7th month, 1691. John
        Townsend, John Feale.

         His bookes and medecines, 51. His furs and wearing apparall, 47. Debts due to him
         upon book, 94. Total amount, 384.

         Sworn to by Mary Cooper, widow, October 12, 1691.

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SEP 1702
Pg 334

Letters of Sequestration, granted to Matthew Linz, Mr. Caleb Cooper, and Mr. Edward
         Antill, of ye estate of OUZEL VAN SWIETON, By his excellency, Edward, Viscount
         Cornbury. Whereas, I am credibly informed that Mr. Ouzel Van Swieton, merchant in the
         city of New York, lately departed this life and died intestate. To the end therefore that her
         majesty may have her right dues, as has been usual and customary in the like cases, and until
         some proper person appear (if any there be) to administer for the said Van Swieton, I do
         therefore impower and direct you, Matthew Linz, Caleb Cooper, and Edward Antill, to be
         Sequestrators of the estate, real and personal, of the said Van Swieton. For which this shall
         be your sufficient warrant. Given under my hand and the Prerogative seal of her majesties
         Province of New York, at Cheer hall in Orange County, the 18th day of September, 1702.

         The within named Sequestrators for the estate of Mr. Ouzel Van Swieton were sworn to
         make a faithful account pursuant to the Commission before me.

                                          John Bridges.

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Pg 393

Page 192.--Edward, Viscount Cornbury, Captain-General, etc. To all to whom these may
         come. Whereas MATTHEW LING, of New York, merchant, lately died intestate, Letters
         of administration are granted to Peter Fauconier, Ebenezer Willson, Caleb Cooper, and
         Benjamin Ashe, September 29, 1704.

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JULY 1705
Pg 408

Page 258.--Edward, Viscount Cornbury, Captain-General, etc. Whereas CALEB
         COOPER, of New York, lately died intestate, Letters of administration are granted to his
         widow, Helena Cooper, July 18, 1705.

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JUNE 1706
Pp 428-9

Page 339.--BENJAMIN FOSTER. In the name of God, Amen. I, Benjamin Foster, of
         Southampton, in Suffolk County, being at the present sick and weak. I leave to my son,
         Benjamin Foster, a certain parcel of land lying on the south side of the way of my new
         dwelling house, to begin at the east end of the place where my old dwelling house is, and to
         run upon a due south line to the bay. Bounded north by the highway, east by the land of
         Nathaniel Halsey. I leave to my son, Jonathan Foster, that other certain parcel of land lying
         on the south side of the highway by my now dwelling house, bounded east by the line afore
         mentioned. I set for Benjamin's line, north by the highway, west by the swamp, as it is now
         fenced; Also one half of my meadow at Cooper's neck. I leave to my son, Isaac Foster, 7
         acres of land to be laid out to him adjoining to the highway by the Beech tree. I leave to my
         son, David Foster, at Cutchogue, 20 shillings. I leave to my daughter, Mary Chatfield, 10
        shillings. To my daughter Deborah 10 shillings when eighteen, and to my daughter Sarah 8
         when eighteen. Leaves to wife Lydia all rest of estate for life, and makes her executor.

         Dated January 25, 170 4/5. Witnesses, John Sayre, Peter White, Samuel Cooper. Proved
         before Giles Sylvester, June 28, 1706.

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JUNE 1706
Pp 428

Page 338.--SAMUEL BUTLER. In the name of God, Amen. I, Samuel Butler, of
         Southampton, in the County of Suffolk, being in perfect memory. I leave to my daughters,
         Martha, Sarah, Amy, and Mary each 10. I leave to my sons, Nathaniel and James, and to
         my daughter Anne, each 10 shillings. I leave to my wife Sarah all the rest of my estate,
         movable or immovable, with power to sell, and I make her executor.

         Dated April 25, 1704. Witnesses, John Maltbie, Job Sayre, Samuel Cooper. Proved before
         Giles Sylvester, June 28, 1706.

         NOTE.--The homestead of Samuel Butler is on the west side of Main street, Southampton,
         L. I., and is the home lot of George Hallock.--W. S. P.]

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Pg 328

Page 461.--Inventory of estate of CALEB COOPER, late of New York. Taken August 17,
         1706. 11 ounces of silver at 9s, 4.19.

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Pg 431

Page 348.--EDWARD WHITE. In the name of God, Amen, the 9 day of November, 1706.
         I, Edward White, of the town of Oyster Bay in Queens County, being very sick and weak. I
         leave to my eldest son, Simon White, my house and home lot of land whereon it stands,
         bounded on the south to Jacob Wright's land, and on the east to the highway, and on the
         north to the meadows, Together with that parcel of land whereon my barn stands, bounded
         all round with highways; Also my share of salt meadow, and all the lands which I have laid
         out joining to John Townsend's land, nigh to Henry Weeks; Also one right and a half in the
         undivided lands in the Old Purchase of Oyster Bay. I leave to my second son, Joseph White,
         one lot of land which I have lying in the town, and joining to Nathaniel Coles home lot,
         together with one half of all my land at the Plains and Plains edge, and a share of salt
         meadow lying in the home meadow, on the west side of the meadow I leave to his brother
         Simon; Also one right and a quarter of land in the undivided lands in the Old Purchase of
         Oyster Bay. I leave to my youngest son, Robert White, my lot of land joining to his uncle
         Simon Cooper's lot, in the Town, and the other half of my land at the Plains and Plains edge;
         Also my other share of meadow lying in the home meadows, and a right and a quarter of the
         undivided lands in the old Purchase of Oyster Bay. I leave to my five daughters, Judith,
         Abigail, Martha, Mary and Anne, 20 each when of age. I leave to my wife Mary the rest
         of the movable estate and make her sole executor. I also give to my wife Mary all the
         meadow ground at the south, which I bought of Thomas Ireland, to sell and dispose of to
         pay debts and legacies. She is also to have the use of all houses and lands to bring up the

         Witnesses, Robert Cooper, Simon Cooper, John Townsend. Proved at Hempstead,
         November 25, 1706.

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Mar 1716
Pg 499, book- Pg 174 Original

Page 499.--JOHN COOPER. In the name of God, Amen, December 10, 1715. I, John
         Cooper, of Southampton, in the County of Suffolk, yeoman, being very sick. I leave to my
         honored mother Joanah Pierson, all that was formerly given to her by an agreement between
         Lieutenant Joseph Pierson, her deceased husband, and herself and me. I leave to my wife
         Hannah Cooper, the east room of my now dwelling house, with the bedroom and leanto, and
         the east half of my barn and a privilege in the cellar, and the use of 1/3 of all lands and
         Commonages during her life. I leave to my son, Thomas Cooper, all my buildings after the
         decease of my wife and mother, with the home lot, it being 30 acres. Also my Halsey's neck
         Close, containing 20 acres. And my right in Quogue neck, and a 50 right of Commonage,
         throughout the Town bounds, and 1/2 50 Commonage after the death of my wife. Also 4
         acres in Cooper's neck. Also my silver-hilted sword and belt. But if he die without issue, then
         the lands
         are to go to my son, John. I leave to my son, John Cooper, 40 acres of land in the late 30
         Acre Division, near James White's house. Also a lot of upland and meadow in Assops neck,
         in Lot No. 6, And all the rest of my Commonage. I leave all the rest of my movable estate to
         my children, Hannah, Thomas, Mehitabel, and John, and to an expected child. I make my
         wife Hannah, and my brother, Abraham Cooper, executors. I desire my brother-in-law, John
         Howell, and my neighbor, John Reeves, may be overseers.

         Witnesses, Daniel Sayre, Thomas Sayre, Jr., Henry Halsey, Thomas Reed. Proved before
         Court of Common Pleas, March 29, 1716.

         [NOTE.--The homestead of John Cooper is on the north side of Hill Street (or Country road)
         in Southampton, and opposite the road to First Neck. The 4 acres at Coopers neck are
         probably on the south side of Cooper's neck lane, and next east of the land of late James T.
         Kilbreth. John Cooper was son of Thomas Cooper, who died November 22, 1691.--W. S.

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