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Research Resources, Notes and Questions

Research Resources
Notes and Questions
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Research Resources

"The Great Migration Begins", Robert Charles Anderson, 1995, NEHGS publisher, gives the most complete account of all immigrants to America before 1633 and has a sketch of John Warren, giving the documentation available on his life and extracts of portions of his will.

NEHGR 64:348-55, by Elizabeth French gives published English Wills and parish register entries identifying the English origins of John Warren and three generations of his paternal ancestry.

The Great Migration Begins gives the most recent accounts of John Warren and his family as:

Entertaining Satan, by John Putnam Demos, 1982, p 96-131, relates the details of a "diabolical distemper" daughter Elizabeth experienced and provides information on both the Warren and Knapp families. Elizabeth Warren was charged with witchcraft by Cotton Mather.

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Warren Notes and Questions

There is NO evidence of a relationship with John Warren and Richard Warren, the Mayflower Passenger, at this time.

Which Daniel Warren married Hannah Bigelow in 1711??

A lot of folks are carrying the Daniel Warren, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Whitne) Warren as this Daniel. I have happened to stumble across this in my travels, for whatever it's worth.
From the Brenda Bova page:

Both the Bigelow and Whitney databases are showing the opposite situation from the above, ie Daniel from Daniel and Elizabeth (Whitney) Warren as the husband of Hannah Bigelow.

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