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Spencer Wills  

 Gerrard / Jarrad Spencer

"Spencer, Jarrad, Ensign, Haddam. 

Invt Pounds: 124-12-00 of Estate not disposed of by Will 
Taken 29 June, 1685, by Joseph Arnot & Alexander Rollo 
Will dated 17, September, 1683. 

The last will of Ensign Jarrad Spencer of Haddam: 

I give unto my son William the Land which I bought of Steven Luxford's Estate. How I come by it the Court Record will show. 

I give unto my son William 1/3 part of 48 acres lying by that wch was commonly called Welles his Brook. 

I give to my son Nathaniel my now Dwelling house with the Lott that was the Houselott, with an Addition lying by the side of it, granted by the Committee. 

I give unto my daughter Rebekah that Houselott I bought of Thomas Smith. 

Likewise I give unto my daughter Rebeckah 1/3 part of the Lott by Welles his Brook. 

I give unto my son Thomas 40 acres on Matchamodus Side. 

I give unto my son Thomas his son, Jarrad Spencer by name, my Rapier. 

I give unto my son Timothy Spencer the remainder of that 6 score acre lott whereof his 2 brothers had their shares. 

The other 6 score thereof I dispose of as followeth: to Grace Spencer, the daughter of my son John Spencer, 40 acres; to Alice Brooks, the daughter of my daughter Brooks, 40 acres; to Grace Spencer, the daughter of my son Samuel Spencer, I give the other 40 acres. 

I give unto Jarred Cone, the son of my daughter Cone, my Carbine. 

A pewter Flagon and Urim Bason I give to the church at Haddam, if there be one within five years. 

It is my will that my son John Spencer his Children and my son-in-law Daniel Cone his Children have an equal proportion of my Estate with my other Children. It is my Will however my Estate falls out for portions to my Children, that my daughter Ruth Clarke's portion shall be 15 pounds, which was my Covenant with her father at her marriage, which 15 pounds she hath received some part thereof, as my Books will testify; and to son Joseph Clarke I give him 40 acres of land at Matchemodus. It is the humble request of Jarrad Spencer that the honoured Major John Talcott and Capt. John Allyn would be pleased to oversee this his Will. I appoint my two sons Daniel Brainard and William Spencer Adms to the Estate. 

Jarrard Spencer 

Witness: John James, Joseph Arnot 
Court Record, Page 111-3, Sept, 1685: Adms to Daniel Braynard and William Spencer, with the Will annexed. 

Will of Jarrad Spencer, Ensign: A Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records, Compiled by Charles William Manwaring, Vol 1, 1685-1700, p. 363-4.

Thomas Spencer 
Brother of Garrard / Jerrad

"Spencer, Sergt. Thomas, Hartford. Died 11 September 1687. Invt. Pounds: 139-19-00. Taken by Caleb Standly and Aaron Cooke. Will dated 9 September, 1686. 

I Sergt. Thomas Spencer of Hartford, being very aged, do declare this my last will and testament: 

I give to Eldest son Obadiah Spencer my Houseing and Lands in Hartford, all my Lands east side and west side of the Connecticut River within the bounds of the Town of Hartford, to be to him and his Heirs forever, immediately after my decease, he paying such legacies as I shall appoint by this Will. 

I give to my son Thomas 15 pounds, of which he hath 5 pounds, and Obadiah shall pay him 10 pounds more. 

I give to my son Samuel (he having received a good portion from his Uncle) my wearing apparrell. 

I give to my son Jarred my shop and Tools and 12 pounds, all of which are in his hands. 

The rest of my moveable Estate I give to my five daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hanna, Mary, and Martha, to be equally divided to them by their brother Jarrad. 

I do make my son Obadiah Spencer my Executor. I desire Capt. Allyn, Lieut. Caleb Standly and my cousin Samuel Spencer to be overseers. 

Thomas Spencer 

Witness: John Allyn, Hanna Allyn 
Court Record, Page 134 - 26 Oct 1687; Will aproved." 

Will of Thomas Spencer: From: Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records, compiled by Charles William Manwaring, Vol 1, 1685-1700, p. 365.

John Spencer
Oldest Son of Gerrard / Jarred

Spencer, John, Haddam. Died 3 August, 1682. Invt Pounds: 267-00-06. Taken 7 August, 1682, by George Gates, Joseph Arnold. 

The children: Rebeckah 16 years of age, Jarrard 14 years, Benjamin 11 years, Lydia 10 years, and Grace 6 years. Will nuncupative. He declared it as his Will that his Eldest son Jerrard Spencer and Eldest daughter Rebeckah should be at the disposal of his Brother-in-law Daniel Braynard and his own sister Hannah the Wife of Daniel Braynard. That his son Benjamin should be with Nicholas Noyse of Haddam till 21 years of age. That his Father Howard should have his daughter Lydia. That his brother-in-law John Kennoe & his Sister Rebeckah Kennoe should have his youngest daughter, Grace Spencer. 

He declared his will that Thomas Brooks, whom his sister Brooks had committed to his Care when at the age of 4 years and whom he had brought up to the age of 18 years, should show all respect to his mother, now the wife of Thomas Shaylor; but the two years time which he was to have lived with his Uncle he now gave to himself; also gave him 20 shillings, and desired his Overseers to take Care of him because he was too young to be wholly set free. 

He gave 30 pounds to each of his sons and 20 pounds to each of his daughters, left money to buy books for them, and desired that all should be well clothed with linen and Woolen. 

He gave to Good wife Smith, for Kindness and attendance, 20 shillings; also to his sister Shaylor. 

He desired Nicholas Noyes, George Gates, Daniel Braynard, Daniel Cone & Thomas Spencer might be Overseers. 

Witness: George Gates, Thomas Spencer. 
Court Record: Page 58 - 7 September, 1682: Adms., With Will annexed, to Daniel Braynard, Thomas Spencer. 

Will from Digest of Early Connecticut Probate Records, Compiled by Charles William Manwaring, Vol 1, 1685-1700, p. 364.

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