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Spencer Medieval Genealogy

I suggest you read the material below first, then visit the sites listed below.

What is the Relationship of Churchill /Princess Diana, Spencer Presidents, Spencer Immigrants?
The Spencer presidents - overview
The Spencer Immigrants - overview
Princess Di / Churchill - overview
What do these genealogies have in common?
How do these genealogies conflict?
Miscellaneous Notes

What is the relationship, if any, between: Intriguing questions for those of us of Spencer descent.

The answers seem obscure... different sources sometimes show conflicting, or at least confusing, data.

This web page is an exploration of three different assertions of Spencer medieval genealogy. Can they co-exist? Are they genealogies of different, never intertwining connections? We may not know the answers to the above questions before we're done, but possibly a set of questions for "where do we go from here?"

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The Four Presidents Genealogy in Ancestors of American Presidents Ancestors of the Spencer Siblings Top of Page

Ancestors of Princess Di and Winston Churchill Top of Page

What Do These Genealogies Have in Common?

The AAP and SOTGM have Henry and Isabella (Lincoln) Spencer at the top.

The AAP genealogy shows the FDR, aslo indicated ancestor of Diana, as a son of Henry Spencer, but I have not seen a Diana genealogy yet that makes that claim. (ie the ones I've seen all seem to stop short of Henry).

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How Do These Genealogies Conflict?

There don't seem to be too many marriages or people to challenge for comparison between the AAP and SOTGM genealogies. Henry and Isabella at the top. Both show sons John, William and Thomas. But SOTGM doesn't indicate if William and John are the William and John who married the Empson sisters.

This is important, because we know the date of death of their brother, Sir Richard Empson, who was executed in 1510. Judging that he could have been no younger than 40, nor older than 70 when he died, he should have been born 1440-1470. If his sisters, and their husbands, were his contemporaries, that places the SOTGM chart 60-90 years earlier than the AAP chart. The SOTGM chart has these boys born starting in 1376.

There is also one difference in placement of couples. AAP has a couple: Sir John Spencer and Isabel Graunt as Henry > William > John / Isabel Graunt. SOTGM has this couple as Henry > Thomas > Robert > Robert >

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Miscellaneous Notes

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