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Seabury Notes and Questions

Lineage of Patience Kemp - wife of Samuel Seabury
Who is Samuel Seabury referred to in Larned's History of Norwich?
The will of Sarah Horbin of Barbados named several of the Seabury children
Who is Judge Samuel Seabury?

Lineage of Patience Kemp, wife of Samuel Seabury is often presented in error.

Note the lineage on Samuel Seabury's wife presented on many web pages is wrong. See the correct lineage for Patience Kemp at the Kemp Research Notes and Questions Page. She was the daughter of William Kemp and Elizabeth Partridge. She was only a step-daughter of Thomas Thacher. Many genealogies out there are showing a Patience, daughter of Thomas Thacher and Elizabeth Partridge, having another daughter, named Patience Thacher, who married a William Kemp. This second couple is fictitious and never existed. You can do the math and easily see that scenario could not have happened. Thomas Thacher and Elizabeth Partridge married in 1643. Patience Kemp and Samuel Seabury married in 1660, just seventeen year later.
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Could this fellow be a descendant of our Samuel Seabury?

EXCERPT: History of New London, Connecticut, by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 1895:

Then, we have this excerpt from pg 306 of the History of Duxbury, by Winsor:
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Could  Samuel Have Had a sister that married a Lane? Or could Patience Kemp have had a sister that married a Lane? Or could Martha Peabodie have had a sister that married a Lane?

English Origins of New England Families, Selected by Gary Boyd Roberts, 1984, Pg 716:

If Patience Kemp had a sister, she would have had to have been born in a fairly short time frame, as William Kemp died a few years after marrying Elizabeth Partridge. Or, she could be ignoring the "niceties "of a half sister and be referring to a half sister from Thomas Thatcher/Elizabeth Partridge. Notice that some of the above are half-siblings.

Note the list includes a Mark. The only way that fits with the kids we know is to the Martha. If either one is wrong and meant the other. Might be easy to misread a Mark for a Martha.

This also means that the others would probably not been alive in 1697: Sarah, Grace, Patience, and the posthumous child referred to in Duxbury history. Grace and Patience are referred to in the Duxbury history as died at birth.

So, the question lingers, how is the person who made this will a cousin to the Seabury kids??
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Who is Judge Samuel Seabury?
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