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The McKane & Lyons Page is tracking the ancestors of  the second wife of Samuel Seabury, Martha Pabodie (Peabody). These folks aren't blood related to me, but if I'm interpreting the History of Duxbury correctly, the mother of the last three of Sam's three kids was Martha Pabodie (Peabody) and will have an interest in this page. So, I'm a half-cousin to their descendants. If the individual page has moved, try their home page. (58,000 names... this is about the largest site I've seen.)

Gendex. The day I am preparing this, I see over dozen references to a Samuel Seabury in Gendex. Seven I know are him, because the date is given. The rest have no dates, so may or may not be him. (If you are going to put up a data base, please put up birth dates for everyone in your database, even if you have to estimate them!) I suggest you revisit this page and explore it's status the day you visit, as someone else may have added some Seabury stuff.

The Weymouth page shows Sam and his second wife, Martha Pabodie and their two kids. Then, a bunch on Pabody ancestry. Interestingly, this page is showing Sam's mothers name as "Grace". I've not seen that before. The page shows their source for this family as MAYFLOWER INCREASINGS By Susan E. Roser.

This page also shows Samuel and the Pabodie side of things. If the link to the specific page is not working, try their home page.
A Peabody page for those interested in their Peabody roots (mom to second batch of kids for Samuel.)

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