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Notes & Questions
On-Line Resources

Representative Men and Old Families of Rhode Island, Vol 1 J. H. Beers & Co, 1908, p. , sketches of  a descendant in the line of Capt John Rogers, Horatio Rogers, from Representative Men and Old Families of Rhode Islnad, J. H. Beers & Co, 1908.

Rhode Island Land Evidences, Vol 1, 1648-1696, Rhode Island Historical Society, 1970, has several deeds in which James Rogers was a party.

NEGHR, Vol. 23, 1869, Pg. 273-274, Enos Johnson, Jr. gives some details found of James Rogers and a genealogy of a group of Rogers he was trying to tie to James.

Research Notes & Questions
Our James Rogers Is NOT Related to the Mayflower Rogers

Speculation in years gone by was that the James Rogers of Rhode Island may be part of the Rogers family of the Mayflower. The current mode of thought is that is not true. "The Great Migration Begins" does show a James Rogers in the family, but there is nothing to indicate our James is that person.

The Origins of our James Rogers

Thanks to cousin Stanley for this information:

The Knight genealaogy gives the estimated date of birth of John Knight, his presumed first grandchild, as 1649. If this is true, James Rogers would be 35 in 1649 under the above scenario of age 20 in 1635. It would not be impossible for James to be a grandfather at age 35, but not likely. On the other hand, I see no source cited for the grandchild's birthdate, indicating it was estimated by life events of that grandchild, so that could be a bit early.  So, this is one of those "interesting" pieces of information that requires some further confirmation before we can accept Underwood's conclusion. nmt.

James Rogers is not in the "The Great Migration Begins", so he arrived in the colonies after 1633. The earliest citation to a record that I have seen is that James Rogers was admitted freeman at Newport, Sept 7, 1640, although  Representative Men and Old Families of Rhode Island, J. H. Beers & Co, 1908, reports he was in Rhode Island by 1638, but doesn't cite on what that is based.

Who was James Rogers wife?
In 1676, Mary Peabody applied to settle James Rogers estate. So, she presumable remarried a man name Peabody. That is the only document I have seen thus far that identifies her. Her maiden name and origins are unknown to me. Based on the estimated date of marriage of her daughter, Sarah, (from a real estate deed in Feb 8, 1648/9), I believe that James and Mary Rogers married in England and first-born Sarah was most likely born in England.

What was James Rogers' Religious Inclinations?

Rhode Island, particularly of the 1630's and 1640's, was a home for folks who didn't agree with the strict rules of society in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and generally had religious beliefs different from the Puritans. I have not seen anything yet that gives a clue as to the religious beliefs of our James. After James Rogers' death, a group called the Rogerenes became an anti-Puritan group, particularly in Connecticut. I have not found any link between the Rogers who started that group and our James Rogers.

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