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James & Mary (___) Rogers 
Of Rhode Island

    "He (Horatio) was a descendant in the seventh generation from James Rogers, an inhabitant of Newport (Rhode Island), as early as 1638....  James Rogers held the position of general sergeant for nineteen years and was several times general solicitor." 
    Jan 16, 1648: In the first, he sold two parcels of land to his son-in-law, Richard Knight. 

    June 6, 1650: In the second, he "promise and ingadge my selfe to make the fence that hath been in Controversy betwixt Richard Knight and my selfe betwixt this and March next and to maintaine the same for ever" 

    Nov 19, 1659: In a later third deed (pg 117), he sold to John Sanford of Portsmouth "a forth part of Cononicatt Island and Dutch Island being one Hundred and Twenty Akers... Bounded... south upon the Town shipp, west upon the sea, North upon the the Land which is Peleg Sanfords, East upon the highway...".

    "I think it not a little singular that Farmer and Savage are both silent regarding this Newport family of Rogers, as I find in the "Rhode Island Colonial Records" that James Rogers was admitted freeman at Newport, Sept 7, 1640; was elected sergeant of the General Assembly March 15, 1643, and continued such until 1664; and was also the solicitor-general in 1657. In 1676, his widow, Mary Rogers (then Mary Peabody), petitions to settle his accounts. And from the same records I find that Thomas and John Rogers were admitted freemen at Newport in 1668." 

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