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Richardson Resources

The Great Migration Begins Immigrations to New England, 1620-1633, Vol III P-W, Robert Charles Anderson, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 1995. The most authoritative and complete treatment of the two brothers Ezekiel and Samuel Richardson.

RICHARDSON Memorial, is the classic starting point for Richardson research. Comprising a full History & genealogy of the posterity of the three brothers,  Ezekiel, Samuel & Thomas Richardson, by J.A. Vinton. 959 pages 1876. (Saw at: Alden's On-line Book Store.)

The Richardson Memorial is on-line. It is in .tif files, one per page and non-searchable, so difficult to navigate. You can look in some of the later .tif files to do lookups in the index, but you then still have to guess which .tiff file has your page. The Memorial is also on-line at

RICHARDSON Memorial supplement, by I. & F. Richardson. 34 pages 1898. (Saw at: Alden's On-line Book Store.)

RICHARDSON Ancestry Supplement. Richardsons of West Mill, Herts., England and Woburn, N. E., By  W. K. Watkins, 6pp., 1903, (Saw at: Alden's On-line Book Store  ) I'm not sure if this is identical to the NEHGR article shown below. It looks like it may be.

NEHGR 57:297-300 (1903). "Some Early Emigrants from Herts, England," Walter Kendall Watkins, gives the English origins of the Richardson siblings.

The Three Richardsons, The Winchester Record, Vol II, No. 2, March, 1886, Pg 199. The copy I have used is at the downtown Los Angeles library. Not sure if it is on LDS microfilm. The Winchester Record appears to be a periodical of a historical or genealogical society of the town of Winchester.

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Note that some of the Richardson Genealogy Pages listed on the Richardson Links Page give sources for their information, which may give you more clues to Richardson research materials. Also, links to Winthrop fleet sites at the Richardson Brothers page.

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