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Our family has been tracking Mom's side for over 50 years. This page is to acknowledge those who have laid the groundwork for where our research is currently taking us.

I have tried to attribute sources to the folks who contributed to this body of knowledge we have about our families in the specific pages where their contribution is. At the risk of omitting references, I would like to give overall attribution here:

Florence Baldwin - 1874-1955. She took on the task of researching the Baldwin's in the days before there was not only an internet, but computers. We believe she may have been collecting information from the early 1900's. Some of her work has been published in Doug Geist's Heritage of the Baldwins / Hallocks / Pollocks, 1986. Florence was a Baldwin and Richardson descendant, but not a Hallock/Pollock. Two of her Baldwin siblings married Hallock/Pollock's, however. Florence was Henry > Benjamin > Daniel > Daniel, Jr., > Elijah > Ezra > Henry Gilbert. 

Doug Geist - Doug is a Baldwin / Richardson / Hallock / Pollock descendant. He edited and published a terrific family history book entitled Heritage - Baldwin / Hallock / Pollock, in 1986. It is full of wonderful stores and diaries of the mid to late 1800's and into the early 20th century. 

Evelyn Hallock - Evelyn Hallock has kept up with the births and deaths in our families for many years now. She has published periodic genealogies of the Baldwins, Hallocks and Pollocks for many years. 


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