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Sources and Resources
Notes and Questions, and Errata

Sources and Resources
Notes, Questions and Errata
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Descendants of Richard Knight and Sarah Rogers of Rhode Island, 1991 revision and update. Mrs. Helen Cooper. (Note: she is on the internet and reachable via E-Mail, here: Helen Cooper.)

NEHGR, Jul 1933, Pg 264-5, article by G. Andrew Moriarity, of Bristol, Rhode Island. Fairly complete sketch on Richard and his sons, lists children and grandchildren.

Descendants of Richard Knight of Newport, Rhode Island. 1990 Edition by Homer Talcott Knight.

Representative Men and Old Families of Rhode Island, Vol 1 J. H. Beers & Co, 1908, p. 28-29, sketches of Richard and his son Jonathon and some of Jonathon's descendants.

Rhode Island Land Evidences, Vol 1, 1648-1696, Rhode Island Historical Society, 1970, has several deeds in which Richard Knight was a party, including the deed where he promised his wife that his son in England wouldn't get a certain property.

The Barbour Collection of Vital Records of Connecticut.

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Research Notes and Questions

The 1903 sketch of Richard Knight in Representative Men of Rhode Island only shows three children for Richard. By 1933, when Moriarity wrote his NEHGR article, the family had grown to four boys and two girls. Moriarity says: "It is very likely that Richard, Priscilla, and Rebecca were also children of Richard, as there was no other Knight family in Rhode Island but that of Richard. Toby Knight, the early settler of Newport, left, apparently, no family." He says nothing further of the girls (ie about marriages or offspring).

Relationship to Widow Knight, author the famous journal from Norwich, Conn?

No relationship. Per History of New London Conn, Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 1895, p. 371, in sketch of the famous Sarah Knight, known as Widow Knight: "He (the husband of the Widow Knight) is not the ancestor of the Knight family afterward found at the West Farms, in Norwich, which originated with David Knight, who married Sarah Backus, in 1692, had sons and daughters, and died in 1744."

Although we are not related to this lady, she was a neighbor of our Knight clan, and you might be interested in her story: Sarah (Kemble) Knight Page on Notable Women in American History.

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The William Knight Page has a few links to some Knight research materials on-line. (Note, his Richard Knight is a different one than ours.)

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