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David Knight
Connecticut Settler

Biographical Sketch: NEHGR, 1933, Pg 269, G. Andrews Moriarity of Briston, R. I.
"David Knight of East Greenwich, R. I. and of Woodstock and Norwich, Conn, born about 1656, died at Norwich, whither he had removed, Nov 24, 1744. He married at Norwich, Mar 17, 1692, Sarah Backus, daughter of Stephen and Sarah Backus. 

On Sep 8, 1691, he was an appraiser of the estate of Clement Weaver at East Greenwich. He followed his brother to Connecticut and settled finally at Norwich, where he and his descendants remained. None of his children came back to Rhode Island. He lived for a while at Woodstock, as is shown by the deposition of Joseph Devol, cited above. In 1694, he bought all his brother John's rights in the Hall and Knight Purchase." 


Note that he lived to the age of 88. I have found no record of when his wife died. The church records dated in 1718 below, show a Sarah as his child, which coincides with Moriarity's list of children. Since the wife isn't listed here, she may have died before 1718.

He would have been of age to have been involved in King Philip's war and also the French and Indian conflict of circa 1704, but I have found no record yet of his involvement.

Church Records

It is out of curiosity that we wonder about the history of our ancestors from Rhode Island, as it was considered the "refuge" for religious freedom in American during the early years. It was often the sanctuary for those who did not agree with, and were expelled from, or left on their own account, Puritan New England. (The Puritans were NOT about religious freedom. They were very strict about folks in their community agreeing with the "party line" on religious thought.) I have not learned anything about the Knight's religious preferences or what caused him to be in Rhode Island, except for the scrape that Richard got into in New Hampshire, which seemed to not be connected to religion (see his biography.) It is with more than worthy to note, then, that we find David Knight and his children were admitted into the Puritan Congregational Church in Canterbury, Conn. Congregational Church of Canterbury Records, Connecticut Historical Society, 1932.

Jul 6, 1718.. "David Knite of Norwich entered into Covenant.." 

Jul 20, 1718.. "David, Jonathon, Sarah, Mary, and Hannah Knite, the children of David Knite of Norwich entered into the Covenant" 

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