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Horton Corrections and Errata, and Notes

Jonathan-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)

The validity that this person ever existed continues. McLaurin continues to carry this extra link between Caleb-2 and Jonathan-4 as it is given by HIA, without citing any sources that this man ever existed. It is likely-to-probable that Jonathan-3 and Jonathan-4 are the same person. The given wife, Bethia Conklin, is not contained within the inventory of Conklin descendants by the Conklin Mann Conklin Genealogy. (However, Jonathan-4 did die with a wife whose first name was Bethia.) By the way, the Jonathan, son of Caleb, was approximately 16 when Caleb Horton wrote his will in 1699; so therefore born approximately 1683, not the much earlier year quoted by earlier genealogies. (Was specifically stated to be under 21, but was old enough to run the farm. The executors were given power to lease the farm if the under-age Jonathan couldn't handle it in Caleb's will.)
Barnabas-4 (Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)
One of the reasons that Jonathan-3 and Jonathan-4 may be the same person is that there is no evidence this Jonathan-3 had any other sons, including this Barnabas. He has apparently been put here by the old Hortons in America, because earlier genealogists couldn't place him elsewhere, so he makes a convenient reason for Jonathan-3's supposed existence. He belongs in "unplaced Hortons."
Jonathan-4 or 5 (Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)
One more itsy bitsy clue re these confusing early Jonathan Hortons.
Virtually all of the info I show below is contrary to both the Hallock
and Horton genealogies, including the confusing Hallock Addendum,
unless I don't find it there:

Peter Hallock Will of 1753:

"I leave to Abigail Halliock, Bethiah HORTON, and my 7 daughters which
I had by my present wife, viz., Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Mehitabel,
Sarah, Patience, and Azubah Halliock, all the rest of my movable


Jonathan Horton will of 1755:

Page 359.--In the name of God, Amen, October 28, 1755. I, JONATHAN
HORTON, of Southold, in Suffolk County, yeoman, being weak in body.

I leave to my beloved wife Bethiah, "my now wife," all my right of
land in the General Field at Indian Neck.... "

"and he is to pay to my daughter, Bethiah Horton, oe20 when she is 18"

Salmon Records Marriages:

1706 1127 Jonathn Horton & Mary Tuthill
1720 0526 .. .. athn Horton & Eles Goldsmith
1739 1218 Jonthn Horton & Mary Bud
1740 0415 Jonathn Horton & Bethia Hallock
1752 0700 Jonathn Horton & Bethiah Horton

Salmon Record deaths:

1740      0401      Jonathan Hortons wife Elesa
1755 1030 Capt Jonathan Horton  aged 54


Notes and comments:

Peter Hallock's will makes it clear he had two daughters from a
marriage before the mysterious "Mrs. Booth", which aren't in the
Hallock genelaogies: Abigail Hallock and Bethiah Horton.

It's possible that Bethia Hallock is the one who md Jonathan
04/15/1740 above... which could be the Jonathan who made the 1755
will... even though that marriage date is only 2 weeks after the first
wife's death, if the 04/01/1740 death of "Elesa" belongs to her. That
period of only 2 weeks bothers me a bit, though...

If this is a correct match, this Jonathan probably quite a bit older
than Bethia. Her father born 1694.. this Jonathan d 1755, age 54 =

It might appear reasonable to think the daughter, Bethia Horton, under
18 in Jonathan Horton's will, might be from Bethia Hallock because of
the name.... altho could be have been born anytime after 1737

McLaurin says the son of this Jonathan, will of 1755, is the Jonathan
who md the Bethia Horton... but...

what if the son married Bethia Hallock (closer in ages?), and the dad
married the "Bethiah Horton" (maybe a Horton widow??) in 1752??

Joshua-3 (Joshua-2, Barnabas-1) Horton

McLaurin, p 239, says Joshua-3 md 2) Mary Budd, widow of Arnold Gillam. Actually, he married 2) Mary (___), widow of Cateret Gillam. This Mary is Arnold Gillam's mother. She is the one who died Jan 2, 1718. Mary Budd, wife of Arnold Gillam, survived him and married, Aug 07, 1740, David Corey, as his third wife. (See Salmon Records).
Abigail-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Horton
(Married Benjamin Moore) McLaurin, p 230 gives son Silas that doesn't belong to her: Silas Moore md Abigail and then Patience. HIA does not show Silas. Neither mentioned in father's or mother's will (both father and mother left wills listing their children; both wills mentioning the same kids but no Silas).

Then add Mathew Moore. He is listed in Benjamin's will and not listed in Abigail's will. Query: Nathan in mom's will, not dad's - Could Mathew and Nathan be the same person?

Joseph Horton, d abt 1763, White Plains, Westchester Co, NY. Had sons Ambrose and Azariah and brother Ambrose. Why is he not a son of Jonathan-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) and Mary (Tuthill) Horton? Not listed in children at McLaurin, p 315.

Abner Wells did not marry Martha Case, dau of Samuel Case & Zerviah Horton (See McLaurin, p 239) . She is shown in two primary references with the name Mary Case, not Martha. Martha had a sister named Mary, married to a Reeve. Abner's wife, Mary Case, belongs somewhere else.

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