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The Will of William Hallock
Dtd Feb 10, 1682 - Proven Sep 28, 1684

Introductory Material
Will Beginning
Third part - Thomas and details of keeping the faith and disinheriting if marry a Quaker
Fourth part - Peter
Fifth part - William
Sixth part - Daughters
Lastly - Executor and rejection of John (but leaves some property)
Signature and Witnesses

The Records Of The Court of Sessions of Suffolk County in the Province of New York, 1670-1688, transcribed by Thomas W. Cooper, Heritage Books, Inc, 1993, pp 155-159

(Note: broke some paragraphs for readability)

"At a Courte of Sessions held at Southold october ye 21: 1684 was presented the will and Inventory of william Halliok which was proved and the wittnes Sworne in Courte to ye trueth of ye Same which will is as followeth - - -

Southold ffebruary the 10, 1682

In ye name of god Amen, To all Christiane Peple.  greeting Know yea that I william Halliok (of this Towne) being through gods blessing of Sound memory and in good health of body doe Constitute ordaine and declare these presents to bee my Last will and Testament In maner and form as followeth.

I commit my Soule In to ye hands of Jesus Christ my gracious Redeemer and then by body being dead to ye earth by decent buryall In ye assured Hope of its Resurrection at ye Last day as for my worldly Estate my will is to give and herby I Doe giv[e] unto my beloved wife Margaratt hallyok: all that my third Lott In ye town platt next to Tookers Land with ye meadow Called Booths meadow withall ye Commonage and Apurtenances thereunto belonging to have and Enjoy to her use & benefit Dureing her Naturall Life and noe Longer only Shee is to give my Sonne William Libery to Sett up an house In Some Convenient place - and what other benefitt of Said Land Shee Shall think fitt:

Also I give her the third parte of all ye Yearly produce and profitt of the Land now Improved in my Lott at accobauge: where I now Dwell on both Sides ye land or way that Devides itt: which parte Shee Shall have without any Charge of Improvement whatsover with full power to Dwell and reside in my Dwelling house there at any time or all times as Shee Shall please without any let as Shee Shall please: which third parte and house I give her only Dureing her widowhood and noe Longer allso I give her foure Milch Cows as Shee Shall Choose to bee her property to keepe or Allinate as Shee will and also I give her all payers of working Cattle that Shall be in my possession at my death together with all Cartes Carte wheeles plowes plow Chaines and all other Apurtenances belonging to Cartes And plowes to be hers and at her Dispose dureing her widowhood: alsoe I leave with her all my household goods of all Sorts for her use Dureing her widowhood also and when She pleaseth to devid them Equally to my five Daughters according to her Discretion: also all ye Rest of my Cattle horses and Swine I Leave with her for her use and benefit Dureing widowhood and when Shee pleases to Devide them Equally as Shee Can to my Three Sons (viz) thomas peter and willm and it is my will yt these Devitions of ye housold goods to my daughters and of ye Cattle horses an dSwine to my Sons be made In ye time of her widow hood.

3d. I give to my Son Thomas Hallyok all ye land Except ye Swamp lott on ye Western Side of ye land or way by my dwelling house which land or way as it now runeth Shall Soe for Ever divid ye land now In Tillage and Shall allway remaine In Clomn between ye said two percells but my will is yt ye west of this my lott at accobauke to ye South end and to ye nor[th] End therof Shall bee Equally divided between him my Son Thomas and my Son peter according to ye full halfe of ye hole breadth thereof all which western Side of Said Lott I give ye abovesd to my Son Thomas Except what is Excepted to have and to hould; posess and Enjoy Dureing his naturall Life witha[ll] Issues and proffitts Shall there Arise except my wifes third and what I Shall  Hereafter order him to pay out of the premises and at ye death of my Said Son Thomas I Doe giv[e] all ye premises In this article Contained unto ye Lawfull heires of the body of Said Thomas Dureing ye naturall life of Such his heires and Soe my will is that it Shall decend from heire to heire foreever without any power of Sale or any other Allination whatsoever furthermore in maner Aforsd I give unto him my Son Thomas and his Successire Heire one halfe parte of my three pices of medow which are sittuate as followeth the one of them Layeth on ye East Side of booths meadow it being by me Exchanged with Capt John youngs the other peice Lyeth between Cases meadow and mr wells Meadow which peice I bought of Samll king and the third peice Lyeth on ye west Side of deep Creek being a 2d Lott halfe of Each of these peices of meado I give unto my Said son Thomas as I give the western Sid[e] of my Lott and In ye same tenure to his heirs for Ever to be devided in Equall Share between him and my Son peter Halliok all ways provided and Excepted any thing in this my will notwithstanding; that if my Said Son Thomas or my son peter Halliok or my Son william halliok or any Suceeding heire of his there bodyes whether Son or daughter whom I doe herby Constitute my heire: to any part of my Land given or to be given to any of my now named Sons and to Such as I Constitute to Suceed them Shall Apostate from ye protestant doctrine and faith of ye Church of England as it is there now by Law established and if hee or they or any of them or any heire to my land whom I ordaine to Succeed him or them or any heire that Shall Succeed forever; Shall att any time hereafter take upon him or them or any of them any profession of Such Doctrine & faith whereby they or any of them: Shall be Drawne away from Moved upon ye publick worship of god preached In this place and warranted by holly Scripture Suteable to ye protestant Doctrine and faith abovsd Soe that hee or they Shall or any of them Shall willfully and on sett purpose Contemne and neglect ye publick worship of god and farther it is my positive will that if hee ye Said Thomas or any of my other Sons: or any Succesor Heir hereafter him or them or Either of them Shall espouse and Contract mariage with any Quaker or to ye Son or daughter of any Quaker as they are now called then it is my possitive will and I doe hereby wholly fully and Absoelutly disowne and doe disinherit  the Said thomas peter and willm and doe deprive him and them and any of them and any that may Succeed him them and any of them if they Shall Soe Apostate and Soe mary utterly Casting Every of them out of my out my land and depriving Every of them of any Claime benefet and Advantage of this my will and testament and in Such Case of Such Apostacy or mariage I doe hereby will give and bequeath Such part of my lands Soe forfeieted by Such wicked practices unto ye next Lawful heire that Shall Stedfastly profess and owne ye the Doctrine and faith first above Specified and to ye heir that Shall Succeed him in ye f[]rm tenure as I now give my land to my present Sons Soe that this forfeiture Shall Cutt of ye Land from ye heir of ye bodys of Such Apostacy and mariage

4ly: I give unto my Son peter halliok all ye land on ye East Side of ye land or way by my dwelling house at accobauk and the Swamp Lott according to ye pvition abovsd in the 3d article between my son Thomas and him I give unto him my Said Son peter to have hold possess and Enjoy Dureing his naturall Life with ye Issue and profitts that Shall there Arise except His mothers third and at his death I give it to them tha Shall Suceed him In ye Same manr as in ye third Article it is given to them Shall Succeed my Son Thomas withall ye Conditions Expression reservations provisoes deprivations and forfeture then copied in ye third Article of this my will and in no other way and maner what soever

5ly: I give unto my son Willm Haliok at his mothers Decease all yt my third lott In ye Towne plott which third lott Lyeth next to tookers land with ye meadow Called booths meadow and a per cell of meadow being to ye East Side of Quash neck with all ye Commonage and Appurtenances there unto belonging to have & to hold to him ye Said willm haliok dureing his naturall Liffe and at his Death I give it to them that Shall Succeed him In ye Same manor as in ye third Article as is given to them that Shall Succeed my Son Thomas withall ye Condition Exceptions revertions reservations deprivations and forfeitures menconed in ye Said third Article of this my will and In no other way and maner whatsoever

Item: I give unto my Son peter Halliok the other halfe of ye three peices of meadow menconed In ye third Article whereof ye former halfe is in Said third Article given unto my Son Thomas to be devided between Thomas and peter as Equally as may be In ye Same tenure as he hath the Esterne Side of ye lott at accobouke and no other wise.

6ly: My will is that ye first yeare After my wives Decease my Son Thomas and Peter Shall Each of them pay or Cause to bee payd unto my daught[er] Mary the Sum of five pounds In Curant pay of this place and Each year followeing they Shall pay Each of them five pound to Each of my other Daughters according there age that is to Say the Second yeare after my wives Decease to martha five pounds a peice ye third year they Shall each of them pay five pounds apeice - to Sarah the fourth year After my wives death: each of my Said Sons Shall pay five pound [crossed out] a peice to Elizabeth and the fifth yeare they Shall pay each of them five pounds to Abygaile my youngest daughter all ye these payments to be In Currant pay of this place.

Lastly: my will is that my beloved wife Margaret Halliok bee and hereby I Doe apoint her the Sole Executrix of this my last will and testament and I doe desire my two neighbors James Reeves and Calleb Horton to be Assistants to my Executrix with there best Advice and Councell about Such matters as Shee Shall think meet to Advise with them alsoe my will is that all my debts and funerall Charges be payd by my Executor out of Such Stock of Cattle horse and swine as I leave with her before that Shee devides them to my three Sons (vizt) thomas peter and william also my will is that my Son John Halliok whom as an obstinate apostate I Doe Reject and deprive of all other Estate yet I Doe Hereby give unto him his heires and Assignes forever my Second Lott at ye wadeing Creeke with the Apurtenances thereunto belonging which is all that hee is Ever to have of my Estate and in Confirmation that these presents are my Last and Irrivocable will I have this tenth of februrary in 34 year ye Rain of our Sovereigne Lord king Charles ye Second Sett her unto my hands and Seale.

William Hallock
his mark
These four wittnes Sworn In Courte of Session to ye trueth of ye abovesd will & testament that they See Sd Halliok Sign and Seale this as his Last will and Testament.

Signed & Sealed In ye presence of us witnesses

Stephen bayley
Joshua Horton
Abram Corey
Thomas mapes Junr)
Jonathan Horton

Attest: John Howell Clark

An inventory of William Halliok: Aforsd deceased of his Estate who deceased September 28, 1684.

Imprimis lands and meadow and houses

 bed and bedding..... 30
 pewter brass and Iron at forty pound...... 40
 wooden and Earthen ware...... 9
 Sheets and table linen....... 6
 wareing Cloaths......... 11 / 10
 Horses Cattle and Swine at ......... 80 / 7
 all Implements of husbandry...... 12
 [Total]......... 188 / 17

This inventory taken by us ye Seventeenth of October 1684

The Abovsd Aprizement is as money

James Reeves
Thomas Mapes Junr


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