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Research Sources, Notes and Questions
Thomas Carter, Blacksmith

Research Notes and Questions


The Ancestry of Colonel John Harrington Stevens and his Wife Frances Helen Miller.

Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts has erroneous information. Don't rely on it. See both the sketch on both Thomas Carter and Thomas Green. (There are some erroneous family matchups here. Pope apparently confused a marriage of the son Thomas Carter with the father.)

The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, in the County of Middlesex and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1629 - 1818.

Note that one needs to be careful in researching the Carters because they, like the Greens, had several different immigrants of that name. In particular, we are NOT related to the Reverend Thomas Carter of Woburn (unless it's way further back in England.)

Research Notes and Questions

No Second Marriage

Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts shows that Thomas Carter married second, Mary, who was admitted to the church November 4, 1643. Then, Pope goes onto to show kids, born much later than the other kids, presumably from this Mary, of Anna Mar 1, 1640 and Elizabeth, born April 22, 1642, died July 12, 1644. He further states this Anna married William Green, which is not possible, as the Hannah Carter who married William Green had babies from 1644 through 1653. Further, Pope in his Green sketch, indicates that Hannah gave her age in a deposition as 59 in 1659, or date of birth 1600.

Further evidence seems to indicate that Pope was mixing spouses of the son and father, both named Thomas Carter, and his conclusions and family arrangement are in error.

Who is Mrs. John Tuttle?

In the sketch of William Green, pg 199 of Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts, he says that Johannah (Hannah) was the sister of Mrs. John Tuttle of Ipswich, no date given. However, no Mrs. Tuttle appears in Thomas Carter's will, which appears to list all the other children, except possibly for the Anna from the second family. Is Mrs. John Tuttle the Anna from the second marriage. Did Hannah's other sister, Mary, possibly remarry to a second husband (after Brinsmead), John Tuttle?

Accounting for the grandsons in Thomas Carter's Will

Grandsons named in Thomas Carter's will, per Pope, were: Caleb Carter, Joseph Carter, John Green, and John Brinsmead. We have information that John Green and John Brinsmead were the oldest sons in their respective families, so it looks like he only mentioning oldest sons in his children's families. Who are Caleb and Joseph?

Who is Matthew Williams?

Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts indicates that son Thomas, "attorney for brother Matthew Williams, sold land at Marblehead December 10, 1662" Who is Matthew Williams? This is apparently a brother of his wife. His wife was Ann Williams, but I know nothing of her family.

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