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Backus Links - Not Genealogy Web Pages 

The Nathaniel Backus House has been designated a Connecticut Landmark.  Besides doing a "find" for Backus, look also for Jedidiah Huntington's house. He was a Backus descendant and Revolutionary War General. 

Windham Cemetery has a number of listings for early Backuses, probably all related to us. 

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Backus Genealogy Pages
The Davis Genealogy page has a line of Backuses, but a preliminary review indicates some questionable data in it. For starters, showing the date of death of the adult William immigrant for his son, then appearing to have split his son, William, Jr., into two people. 

The Ulrich Page has a nice feature on William.

This page has a number of Binghams, Trumbulls, and Backuses, but it, also has some questionable entries. For example, showing three wives for the immigrant William (which this page identifies as ".Jr."). One of which gives a last name to the first wife of Charles (which happens to be the last name of the wife of his son.. probably confused here), then Sarah Chodes, which is another interpretation of the Charles name. Note this marriage shown here as 1635, when the first wife didn't die till 1643. 

The Trumble - Trumbull site is a comprehensive genealogy and family history site for those Backus descendants of the various Backus / Trumbull marriages.  I count four such marriages from information I have. 

The Huntington Family Association is a comprehensive site dedicated to Huntington family history and genealogy. There were several early Huntington / Backus marriages so there are lots of Backus descendants with Huntington ancestry, also. 

Edward Culver Genealogy Page. Also see the Home Page at that site showing collateral lines. Unfortunately, I don't see an e-mail address anywhere there. 

Pratt Page. For those of you descendants of William and Elizabeth (Pratt) Backus, you might find this Pratt page interesting. Shows the Pratt English ancestry, as well as a Pratt bibliography. This page also shows the Pratt lineage of Humphrey Bogart. 

The Cleveland Database. A Few Clevelands married into our Backus bunch. 

Dyer Pages. For you Dyer / Backus descendants, check these out. 

Biography of Benjamin and John Crane, including Benjamin's will. Benjamin Crane married Mary Backus, a first generation daughter. 

Trails of a Western Family describes the line of a branch from Lydia Backus and John Bailey, and gives some other Bailiey links. 

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Backus England Links 

The Yorkshire Genuki Page - A general description of Yorkshire to lots of genealogy and history links of the area. 

Map of England, showing Yorkshire highlighted. 

Histories of Sheffield on-line: 

Note that Yorkshire is apparently split into three divisions. Sheffield, the home of the Backuses (and also Binghams) is that division called: Yorkshire West Riding. 

There are several researchers interested in the Backus / Backhouse named in this list of West Riding surname interests. 

For a current day overview of what's going on in Yorkshire, plus a tadbit of history of the area, check out 

Note that the page for listing availability of historical records of families in Yorkshire has various listings for spelling variations of Backus. 

The Familia Page lists genealogical resouces in Sheffield. 

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Backus Genealogy Pages to Avoid! - Erroneous Genealogies!

The Bingham Genealogy Project. This database is so riddled with errors it should be completely avoided for any Backus genealogy referencing you are doing.  
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Related Links 

The Trumbull, Conn Historical Society Page. Trumbull, Connecticut was named after the Trumbull family. The second governor, son of the first governor, married Eunice Backus 

Cuzzins Page - See if you have any on-line Backus cousins, or other New England cousins. 

Return to the Backus Index at this Web Site. 


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