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Backus Resources
and Research Notes 

Sources and Resources for Backus Genealogy

NEHGR, Vol 142, Jul, 1988, pgs 253-254, by Everett F. Bingham, is apparently the most current recap of the genealogy and history at the immigrant level of William Backus. (Coupled with an errata correction in Vol 143, pg 24.) Interestingly, this piece is written by a Bingham.

"Hale, House, and Related Families," p 452-455. It is quoted as a source in the 1988 NEHGR article. This work presents the children of the immigrant father, son William, then Joseph > Simon. This work presents the evidence that Sarah Charles was the wife of the son, William, Jr, not the father, as was formerly supposed in some works. A reference in the son's will that his first three children were to get their inheritance irrespective of what they had received from their grandfather Charlls (sic). This also establishes which kids of William, Jr. belong to which mother.

"The Bingham Family in the United States", Theodore A. Bingham, 1927, is a work that delves into various aspects of the Binghams in Sheffield, the Backus' hometown in England, and mentions William Backus several times. Also contains descriptions of the beginnings of Saybrook, Norwich, and Windham that mention Backuses.

NEHGR, Vol 1, 1847, Pg 314-317. Article on First Settlers of Norwich, Connecticut.

A Genealogical Memoir of the Backus Family, William W. Backus, 1889. Although this is primarily concerned with Elijah Backus, a Backus descendant who was an early pioneer to Ohio, it presents some very interesting material on the early Connecticut Backuses.

"The Backus Families of Early New England" by Reno Warburton Backus (Nopeming, Minn, 1966). The 1949 version of this book is on-line in its entirety, fully searchable, at

The NEHGS Web Page has this book available for the Bingham branch. Note that there is a 1928 Bingham genealogy also. I don't know if their scope is different, or if one just updates the other.

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