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Robert Allyn/Allen

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: History of New London, Connecticut, by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 1895, Pg 157-58.

"Robert Allyn, before coming to New London, had resided at least twelve years in Salem; he was there in 1637, a member of the church in 1642, and had three children baptised there, John, Sarah, and Mary. After the settlement of Norwich, he had a house-lot in that plantation, was constable in 1669, and in deeds is styled "formerly of New London, bot now of New Norridge." After a time, relinquishing his house-lot to his son John, he returned to his farm, at the time of his death was once more an inhabitant of New London. He died in 1683, being probably about seventy-five years of age. He was freed from training in 1668, an immunity not usually granted to a man under sixty. 

The heirs to his estate were five children, viz., John, Sarah, wife of George Geer; Mary, wife of Thomas Parke; Hannah, wife of Thomas Rose; and Deborah, then unmarried. 

John, the only son of Robert Allyn, married Dec 24, 1668, Elizabeth, daughter of John Gager. After the death of his father, he left Norwich and returned to the paternal farm where he built a house and warehouse near the river, at a place since known as Allyn's Point." 


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